Thursday, June 9, 2016

Whither the Shards of America?: It’s Us, or Them | Fred On Everything

From the article: 
The conflict is between freedom and social totalitarianism. Remote bureaucracies with whom localities have nothing in common write their children's textbooks and decide what morality they should be taught.  People who want a say in the schooling of their children, who want to choose where and with whom they live, find themselves pitted against a political ruling class with power to decide almost every aspect of their lives.
Something has to give.

"Fundamentally Changed" as Obama would put it.  Not for the good either.  Fred lays it out in brutally clear language.  "Enough. This can't last."  And yet the so-called "elite", the "self-serving politicians and extractive corporations of the extremely rich who have no attachment to the US.", do understand that something has to give.  They are clueless to the response of the growing number of people who are saying "Enough. This can't last.".

This likely will not end nicely.  Fred suggests "It is probably too late."

This is the most brutally true understanding of current affairs in the US I have seen.  It's time we stopped lying to ourselves.