Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Graphic: How Obamacare Hides $104 Billion in Federal Spending - by Jeffrey H. Anderson

Obamacare has invented a dangerous new way to hide federal spending (detailed in "Hidden Spending"). Contrary to the Government Accountability Office's own definitions of terms, Obamacare labels its direct payments to insurance companies "tax credits"—even though they don't lower anyone's taxes. Not only is the government hiding billions of dollars in spending in this way, it is counting these hidden expenditures as tax cuts. In this manner, Obamacare is masking some $104 billion in federal spending over a decade (the portion of Obamacare's direct payments to insurers that the Congressional Budget Office is counting as tax cuts.

The government today is endlessly crippled by manipulation, lying and corruption.  Almost nothing you see or hear today, as reported by the government or the complicit media, is true because this kind of stuff goes on in the background.  That is why the current administration points to the employment rate and other economic indicators as proof of their success, but it's all lies and manipulation.