Sunday, May 8, 2016

Of Taco Bowls and Presidents | Joel D. Hirst's Blog

From the article: 
My point, I promise, and I'll be done: is it possible that we have lost our way? When those who are said to know better entertain the possibility that a "girls" sign hung on a door is somehow discriminatory – a hate crime; maybe that's the moment for a reality check. And isn't that where the people are leading us, this of all weeks? And is that such a bad thing? We have always been a country that must listen and learn from those who have built her. And those who build are, well – hungry for a taco bowl with a side of reality.

He wanders a bit but finally gets to his point in the last paragraph which I have quoted above.  Have we lost our way?  Is populism a good thing or a bad thing?  Double edged sword I suspect.  Like many things in life, intentions matter.  Is this a selfish populism we are seeing today or a populism leading us back to reality and our founding?