Sunday, May 8, 2016

Next Big Future: General atomics railgun has successful tests will lead to army truck based railgun system

From the article: 
GA-EMS' Blitzer railgun is a test asset designed and manufactured by GA-EMS to advance technology development toward multi-mission railgun weapon systems. Railguns launch projectiles using electromagnetic forces instead of chemical propellants and can deliver muzzle velocities greater than twice those of conventional guns. Blitzer railgun technology, when integrated into a weapon system that includes the launcher, high density capacitor driven pulsed power and weapon fire control system, can launch multi-mission projectiles with shorter time-to-target and greater effectiveness at longer range.

Pretty interesting weapons of the future.  This claims to reduce the ammunitition logistical train and increase the ability to respond to new enemy weapons threats.  However, it still needs quite a host of Fire Control and electrical generation and radar systems to make this work.  I suspect the size of the hardware will shrink over time.  Some kind of fuel has to power the generators.  Stll fascinating though.