Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We Have A Thug Culture Problem, Not A Gun Problem

We Have A Thug Culture Problem, Not A Gun Problem: "Democrat politicians dishonestly assert that we have a “gun problem” in the United States because it’s much easier to blame problems on an inanimate object than deal with the reality that decades of Democrat social engineering have utterly and consistently failed to manufacture prosperity in certain communities.

If we magically made all 325+ million firearms in the United States disappear overnight, criminal violence in these communities would not change significantly, only the mechanism of injury would change. This is a violent culture problem, not a tool problem.

Hillary Clinton and other politicians continue to lie to the American people, asserting that inanimate objects are responsible for the actions of people.

Until they are willing to address culture problems they’d rather ignore to attack scapegoats, we can expect the violence in this cultures to continue to grow, despite laws they push that only disarm those who no inclination to commit crimes.


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