Saturday, April 9, 2016

Veterans Administration IG: 40 VA Facilities Falsify Wait Times | PJ Media

From the article: 
Will they ever learn? Two years ago, a scandal broke when several VA facilities were found to be falsifying the time it took for a veteran to get an appointment to see a doctor. The records were cooked under the direction of supervisors who were failing to get clients in to see a doctor in a timely manner. Several veterans died as a result.
A new report by the Veterans Administration inspector general has found that the problem extends far beyond the handful of VA clinics targeted two years ago. The IG found that 40 VA facilities around the country were cooking the books on wait times and that supervisors were responsible.

Jeebus!! Is this going to get fixed?  Ever?  What happened to the grad wunderkind Obama brought in?  There was lots of pushback way back then that this guy was not the right guy.  Hmmmmmmmm.  I wonder if any progress has been made?  

My local VA has built a pretty nice new clinic very near my house.  I needed new hearing aids and I was able to get everything done there.  In the past, I would have needed to go to the hospital in Phx.  It's one of the hospitals on the scandal list and about an hour drive for me.  So, I got pretty good service, and it was convenient, although there were a few hiccups.