Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sane Jews do not vote for Hillary

Sane Jews do not vote for Hillary: ""Who does Al Qaeda want in the White House?" is the title of an article by Lisa Daftari, who writes that "The Wall Street Journal has obtained a translated report of the text which suggests that...former Sec. of State Clinton 'will be an extension of the policy of Obama and the Democrats in the region.'" Precisely!

It's astounding to me, who reads daily newspaper reports of people being arrested and incarcerated for relatively innocuous crimes, that Hillary has not yet been frog-marched into a courtroom, on her way to Leavenworth. Clearly, someone doesn't want that to happen because of the guilt-by-association that would land that someone in a cell in the same institution. And the media's reassurances that FBI Director James Comey "is nonpartisan" ring hollow when you consider that on more than one occasion, he has found no criminal wrongdoing in several of the Clintons' fishy cases.

Tiffany Gabbay comments that Hillary's associations, which I've described above, "are nothing new to the Obama administration, nor to the Clintons. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons why voters concerned about terrorism and national security, or who care for the preservation of Israel, are best advised to refrain from voting for Clinton come November."

No sane American, no sane Jew, can give that premise a serious argument."

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