Sunday, April 3, 2016

"I'm 100% Sure" The US Presidential Campaign Is Being Tampered With | Zero Hedge

From the article: 
As we concluded previously, we are living in a world in which a handful of high-tech companies, sometimes working hand-in-hand with governments, are not only monitoring much of our activity, but are also invisibly controlling more and more of what we think, feel, do and say. The technology that now surrounds us is not just a harmless toy; it has also made possible undetectable and untraceable manipulations of entire populations – manipulations that have no precedent in human history and that are currently well beyond the scope of existing regulations and laws. The new hidden persuaders are bigger, bolder and badder than anything Vance Packard ever envisioned. If we choose to ignore this, we do so at our peril

Pretty interesting stuff here.  Let the buyer beware is always a good saying to remember, but when the normal citizen has no reasonable access to "honest" information, what happens then?  This is a pretty serious question about the integrity of our information system.  We call it news and that is a large part of it, but it is also more than that.