Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fort Cognitive Dissonance – The US Army’s New Home | US Defense Watch

From the article: 
The Army has become one gigantic dysfunctional family, and like a dysfunctional family it can't see the problems that are destroying it. In fact, a vast majority of the officers and senior NCO's in the Army won't acknowledge that they have a problem; a core symptom of cognitive dissonance.
There is one group that can clearly see that the Army has a myriad of problems; that one group is our nation's veterans. Yet, many leaders in the lean green machine won't listen to advice or criticism from vets of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, the Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea and WWII.
I've been told repeatedly by active duty people; stop criticizing the Army, everything is going well. Really, it is?

Really it is?  Good question.  Is the Army the canary in the coal mine?  A symptom of the disease?  Is the fabric of our society eroding?