Sunday, April 10, 2016

Former Pentagon Chiefs: Military Suffered From Obama White House

From the article: 
The U.S. military has been hindered by an overbearing and inexperienced White House under President Barack Obama, according to each of his three former defense secretaries, causing the Pentagon to struggle to carry out operations and make decisions.

Gates said he is concerned the president is suspicious of the military. He also said Obama was told by White House personnel during the debate over the war in Afghanistan that the Pentagon was trying to "box him in," "trap him," and "bully him," which Gates said was never true.
"But there were clearly a number of people at the White House who believed that," Gates said.

This article passed along by Johnny Brooks.  Gates and Panetta and Hagel weigh in.  Something is fundamentally wrong when the White House and its staff believe the Military is the enemy.