Sunday, April 3, 2016

America: Look into minds of our adversaries

One of the main reasons we find ourselves embroiled in the conflicts of Middle Eastern countries is due in large part to the failure of Western diplomats to comprehend the significant differences between Eastern and Western civilizations. This is evident in Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, et al, as the West rediscovers the animosity that exists between various Islamic sects and tribes. Whether pro or anti-Western, Eastern dictators have recognized this for years and simply subjugated the different groups under an iron heel. As undesirable as this approach may be to the Western mind, it prevents the chaos we are now witnessing across Europe.

Interesting discussion.  I have thought about this over the past few years.  My view on "selling" democracy to the entire world has softened a bit.  I think about Saddam Hussein.  An odious creature for sure, but, his brutal subjugation prevented a lot of chaos.  Which of these bad choices is better?   I'm not supporting Saddam or his behavior, just wondering.