Friday, March 18, 2016

President Obama Is a Political Narcissist

From the article: 
Confidence is one thing. But Obama is more than confident. He's narcissistic. He looks at the world and sees nothing but his reflection: rational, cool, unmoved, and always right. When reality surprises him, it's not because he's in error. It's because Putin or Assad or the mullahs have failed to live up to the standards he's set for them. Forget about them being true to themselves. They're not being true to Barack Obama. And Barack Obama, lest we forget, is all that matters.

I suspect this is largely true.  I have wondered about his behavior for a long time.  However, he is not all that different from lots of Generals and CEOs and Politicians and all kinds of folks who seek to be in charge.  

This is a great paradox for us as humans.  It requires strong egos to accomplish great goals but the egos can also be problematic.  Read the definition of sociopath and look at the traits of powerful people and ask yourself, where do we draw the line?  I find this comparison very interesting.

So, how do powerful people remain powerful without stepping across the line into abuse of power or personality disorders?  Much of the history of Man has been influenced by Religion.  Is Religion helpful in finding a balance here?  I think it is.  Are there other ways to limit the ego so that it is useful but not destructive?