Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On seizures of US personnel by foreign powers: Codevilla – Asia Times

From the article: 
Disproportion between commitments and the capacity — indeed the willingness — to back them up has been the defining characteristic of the US government's international relations for a quarter century. The US formula is to place token forces in situations in which they are over matched, expecting that hostile powers will not do their worst for fear of "tripping a wire" that would bring on an overwhelming American response.
Thus, US officials have habituated themselves to substituting "trip wire" forces and promises that they don't intend to keep. This, in place of the moral resolve and military power that would be required to carry out successful policy in the face of opposition. Decades during which American military power has decreased while the US government has short shrifted commitments — solemn, implied, or inherent, like those to one's own military or diplomats — have shopworn that formula. US officials and the "community" of academics, think tanks, and media around them seem unaware that their credibility has declined even as the rest of the world's capacity and willingness to press their agendas has increased.
Iran's and President Obama's cooperation in America's latest humiliation will shape the outcome of crises that loom in our relations with Russia and China.

A pretty devastating article about US foreign policy - or lack thereof.