Monday, March 21, 2016

ObamaCare Turns 6 — $55 Billion In Waste, So Far | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD

From the article: 
Add it all up and it comes out to $55 billion. And that's being generous to ObamaCare. This figure doesn't count what families forced off health plans they liked had to pay in to buy ObamaCare's overpriced insurance. Or the adverse impact ObamaCare has had on the labor market. Nor does it count the vast amounts of waste and fraud in Medicaid before ObamaCare vastly expanded eligibility.
Yes, it is true that ObamaCare has expanded insurance coverage. But when you consider the vast amount of waste and inefficiency it has added to health care, to say nothing of the enormous costs of its Rube Goldberg subsidy scheme, there is no question that the country could have achieved those gains at far less expense.

Trying not to be partisan here.  Anybody know if this is true?  Exaggerated?  Not true?  I really don't know much about the Healthcare industry in any detail but it seems that much of Obamacare has not worked the way it was sold/promised to the public.  This is a lot of money.