Sunday, March 20, 2016

Next Big Future: Virtual reality dome for military simulations

From the article: 
The dome will immerse warfighters in a virtual environment that not only tests their skills, but allows Army researchers to assess soldier cognitive abilities.

This looks pretty interesting.  Could it really provide almost real life like environments for training?  I wonder what it costs?

I know we've struggled with training for years.  Remember the old days when we had those damn red adapters for blanks and we played like cowboys and indians and made believe who got killed or not?  I always felt that was kinda useless.  

I know there were some systems developed where the soldier would wear a harness of sensors and the shooters had laser devices for their weapons.  I guess that was a bit better but it never really caught on.  I actually worked as a software engineer for a project to build a similar kind of system for vehicles.  We installed it at Ft Erwin.  I worked in the box at Ft Erwin as a contractor.  It worked, but it was problematic and it also, never caught on.