Friday, March 11, 2016

Deep Mind – Chaos Manor – Jerry Pournelle

This from Jerry Pournelle - the great scifi writer and all-around smart guy: 
Deep Mind, the Google computer and programs that have won at Go, learned to do so by playing thousands of games against a copy of itself, and analyzing the results. I see no reason why such a program cannot be used to teach Deep Mind how to pose as a human and thus pass the Turing test, and given the surprisingly short time it took to beat an international grandmaster at Go, I would expect it to be able to pass for a human with most interviewers by 2018, if it takes that long. The technique would be to have two or more such machines try to fool each other… millions of times, learning from each attempt. How long would that take?

A new dawn may be upon us.

You're welcome to follow the link but there is no more discussion there about Deep Mind.  Some of you will find some of his other discussion interesting, some of you not so much.