Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Center for Security Policy | Coordinated Bombings Rock Brussels

From the article: 
The situation in Europe continues to intensify, thanks in part to the flow of refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Arab and Muslim world. Islamic State has publicly declared that it has operatives moving among the refugee flow, possibly utilizing legitimate Syrian passports the jihadist organized has acquired. Additionally refugees are at risk of being targeted for indoctrination and recruitment by pro-jihad clerics and Islamist organizations operating in Europe, as noted by German intelligence in September of last year. Even prior to the Paris attack French intelligence was reportedly preparing plans for what amounted to a counterinsurgency campaign to reestablish government control over so-called "Sensitive Urban Areas."
Despite aggressive counterterrorism operations by European law enforcement since the Paris attacks, the security situation is likely to continue to deteriorate, as a result of long standing policies that have encouraged wide-spread Islamic immigration to Europe, coupled with permitting widespread jihadist indoctrination by European-based Islamists. Unfortunately the same can be said of the United States, where U.S. intelligence has admitted it considers the threat of terrorists among the refugee flow as serious, and the FBI has said the capacity does not exist to properly vet potential refugees.

So, how is this "policing" approach working out?