Saturday, February 20, 2016

How far does Christian duty go?

From the article: 
So, how far does your obligation to help go, and to accept the stranger into your home? Does it extend to those who want to take over your dwelling?
I am not completely familiar with the tenets of Christianity, to be sure. But I can't imagine that it requires such self-destruction in the name of good. To me, it seems that limits are necessary, and the proper topic for debate is the question of where to draw those limits.

Fascinating article.  Well, I find if it fascinating because I agree.  Some others may not.  There is much to quote here so I picked just a small part.  Read the article to get everything.

This lady, is a Jew.  She was raised as an American Jew and lived in a very Liberal environment for much of her life.  Much of the American Jewish community is very Liberal and this surprises me, but a topic for some other discussion.  She eventually began to question some of the fundamental beliefs she had been taught and started to investigate Conservatism.  She began to shift and is now fairly conservative in her views.  You can read a lot more about her journey and her "conversion" if you are interested.  Go to to her website.  

So, she says limits are necessary, even when extending kindness.  Is Trump's wall a necessary limit or an act of bigotry?  I tend to the former.