Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why is Compromise Always the Best Solution? - Maggie's Farm

From the article: 
Frankly, it isn't.  We have been conditioned from birth to believe compromise is somehow 'good'.  Even as I write this, I feel bad thinking that compromise isn't a welcome path for me anymore in my political views.  Is it age?  No, because this is a question I asked long ago in college while studying political science.  Some friends would say I never compromised, forgetting my path to Libertarianism required years of questioning, change, and compromise.  Even now, I am willing to compromise.  Between the anarchist wing of Libertarianism and the minarchist wing of the Republican Party.  I fail to see much value in discussing policy with Democrats.  They've spent too much time saying "You have nothing to offer."  Well, actually there is a tremendous amount which has been offered, you've simply refused to look at the datasets that support our views.  For you, it's always been "I want what I want, or at least compromise so I get a little of what I want while you get nothing."

I've wondered about this for years.  It seems the religion of compromise only brings us mediocrity.  Politicians talk endlessly about bipartisanship as if it were the Holy Grail.  Bipartisan this and bipartisan that.  Reach across the aisle this and reach across the aisle that.  Endlessly seeking to make nice and get along and all the while accomplishing nothing useful for the nation.