Sunday, January 17, 2016

Whence Islam? | Small Wars Journal

From the article: 
Yes, Islam! The politics and theology of Muslims is now the dominant source of global instability; although any separation of the two is moot in most nations with an Islamic majority.  This is not to discount criminals, militants, extremists, terrorists, various Muslim small wars/insurgencies, or even "nefarious characters" and "lone wolves." All of these euphemisms are symptoms; unfortunately, now also doing service as rhetorical burkas for metastasizing religious instability, a theopolitical movement of global dimensions. Call it Islamism, if a short hand is necessary.
Indeed, a latter day Muslim crusade is underway. Religious imperialism is now an existential threat across the autocratic Ummah and the republican West. If we can borrow the Huntington prophesy, the future is one of cultural conflict - between "the West and the rest." The secular world is at war with irredentist theocracy.

This is quite a good and powerful article.  Johnny Brooks - you might consider this article for your email group.