Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Lamps Go Out | John C. Wright's Journal

From the article: 
Let us not forget who the enemy is: one philosophy and one alone in the West has made us unable to recognize an enemy when he strikes us, made us unwilling to fight in self defense or defense of the innocent, and made us eager to cover up a decade of rapes rather than accuse a Muslim ring of crime, made witnesses unwilling to report suspicious activity by gunmen or high-jackers for fear of being seen as racist, and, in a word, made the entire West yearn for suicide, and not a painless suicide either.
I called it a philosophy. It is in truth a psychopathology, an insane inability to look truth in the face. It is the revolt against reason, the rebellion against reality, the desecration of beauty and the mutiny against God.
It is secular humanism.

I wonder when we'll wake up?  What will it take for us to respond to these barbarians?