Friday, January 15, 2016

Contra-survival: What is it?

Abundance and freedom are wonderful things, and I wouldn't wish their absence on anyone. But there is a small downside to these blessings: they make us soft. When our time, attention and energy are not focused on the daily struggles of making a living and providing for our families, then we have the leisure to tilt at the windmills of phantom enemies.
Soft people don't understand harsh reality. If someone's widdle psyche is hurt by "micro-aggressions" everywhere he turns, he's simply not equipped to handle brutal barbarism and naked violence. If someone has the time and energy to dialogue about social justice, it means she has the freedom and full bellies to do so; but if that situation reverses, these people won't have the mental hardness necessary to handle adversity when it hits.
The relative freedoms and abundance of Western nations are why political correctness and feel-good policies have taken over; and even more ironically, it's what will contribute – if uncorrected – to the downfall of these nations.

People get soft when they are separated from harsh reality?  As much as we love our modern technology and the standard of living it affords, maybe we should think a bit harder about what we might be giving up.

Mike Roark