Thursday, December 17, 2015

Procurement: Smart Bombs For Iran

From the article: 
The F-15E remains a potent air-superiority fighter, making it an exceptional combat aircraft. This success prompted Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Singapore to buy it, paying about $100 million per aircraft. In the U.S. Air Force the F-15E is one of the most popular aircraft for combat pilots to fly, even more so than the new F-22.

The lead of this article is the suggestion that the Saudis are accumulating weapons to use against Iran.  This may be true and is very interesting.  However, what struck me was this last part that I quoted.  There have been a fair amount of articles recently talking about the cost benefits of upgrading the F15s, 16,s 18s.  It seems we could be a bit enamored of ultra high tech and not making good trade offs.  In the end, high tech is just another tool.  More is not always better.