Friday, December 18, 2015

A New Era of Health-Care Innovation by Joseph Jimenez - Project Syndicate

From the article: 
Today's transformational advances in health care owe much to new genomics information, to the availability of big data to influence decisions in real time, to more targeted and individualized therapies, and to smarter, more connected delivery systems. But they are just the beginning. Further breakthroughs, enabled by the convergence of science and technology, can be expected, especially as unconventional players enter the health-care sector. In this process, partnerships between health-care and technology companies will become increasingly important.
It is an exciting time for health care, with many disruptive innovations on the horizon. For patients and providers alike, this is very good news.

A bit of good news here.  We hear so much about the cost of health care rising.  If we could just get the regulatory agencies out of the way and let the market and technology work.