Friday, November 20, 2015

Report Exposes SHOCKING Truth About TSA and Airline Safety | The Federalist Papers

We already know the private sector to be vastly more efficient than the public sector, so why not privatize the TSA?
Such a model is already present in Israel and various European nations. Domestically, San Francisco International airport uses private screeners, and with much success. A 2007 study (by the TSA, by the way) found that private screeners were twice as effective at detecting fake bombs as TSA screeners. Private screeners also worked faster – processing 165 passengers for every 100 the TSA could.
The TSA isn't effective according to the DHS – and when the TSA's own studies from nearly nine years ago show that the private sector does a better job, privatizing the TSA is a necessary action that has been long overdue.

So, we have studies and tests that show the TSA is useless.  We know the private sector is more effective and efficient, yet, we persist in spending billions to maintain a charade.  Go figure.