Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Who’s More Shameful, Hillary or Her Media Protectors?

Who’s More Shameful, Hillary or Her Media Protectors?:

Isn’t it just great that the liberal establishment views Hillary Clinton’s testimony in the Benghazi hearings in terms of performance art rather than substance? That’s the liberals’ way of telling you how much they value integrity.
It would be one thing if the mainstream liberal media said, “Clinton got caught red-handed in a number of lies, and not just on insignificant matters but on very important ones, but overall she held up well under pressure, and because of her performance, the hearings may actually be a net plus for her.”
The liberal media understand the gravity of Clinton’s lies but, instead of showcasing them and shaming her, are concealing them in a fog of compliments over her performance.
They can gloat to their heart’s content over Clinton’s “stamina” and “poise” and ignore her disgraceful conduct and moral unfitness, but I’m praying people will realize that she is nothing but a self-serving charlatan who always puts her own political interests above the nation’s.
Today they will boast, but tomorrow — God willing — they will encounter justice.
by David Limbaugh via Human Events