Monday, September 28, 2015

Compassion for Refugees Should Not Mean Cultural Suicide

Compassion for Refugees Should Not Mean Cultural Suicide:

For those who are moved by the tragic story of individual refugees and are seeking to admit them in large measures, how many should we admit? How many will be enough? The president of the European Union wants the EU to accept 160,000, but what happens when that number barely meets the demand?
Remember, the refugees bring with them the same culture that caused the Middle East to spiral into chaos. Yes, many are victims, and they deserve compassion, aid, food, and shelter. But resettling large numbers of people who come into Western society with the desire to remake it in their image is neither in our interest nor appropriate to our cultural responsibility to succeeding generations.
Large numbers of Muslims have not acculturated into Western society. Our secular values, our historical concerns for individual liberty, and individual freedom stand at variance with a culture based on submission, misogyny, and triumphalism.
No nation can afford to open its doors to those who choose to be a people apart, absorbing the largess of a society, including its welfare, medical care, and education, while seeking to establish a parallel world. That’s not an immigration policy that advances a culture. It is one that causes its disintegration.
by Abraham H. Miller via The American Spectator