Monday, September 21, 2015

Afghanistan Is A Cesspool, And It's Time We Left

Afghanistan Is A Cesspool, And It's Time We Left - Mark Nuckols - Page 1:

"The New York Times published a story today about U.S. policy in Afghanistan to turn a blind eye to “bacha bazi,” or “boy play.” You see, although Afghans stone to death women for adultery and beat people to death for blasphemy, keeping young boys chained up as sex slaves is an old and respected tribal custom. And our troops have been strictly warned not to intervene when senior Afghan military and police commanders want to indulge in their taste for pederasty.

Afghanistan is not only a military quagmire in which we are pointlessly bogged down. It is a moral cesspool, and being there at all is degrading and demoralizing for our brave soldiers and it is shameful that we are propping up that country’s corrupt and morally bankrupt ruling class. Our war in Afghanistan is probably militarily unwinnable. But were we to somehow succeed we would be keeping in power a wretched gang of thieves, drug dealers, rapists, child killers and pedophiles. If the alternative to these mutts is the Taliban, I say let the Taliban have Afghanistan and be rid of that miserable excuse of a country.


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