Monday, August 10, 2015

"Will Israel do the unthinkable to stop the unimaginable?"

"Will Israel do the unthinkable to stop the unimaginable?":

Victor Davis Hanson, right to the point, and right, as usual:
The Israelis have taken to heart lots of lessons over the last 70 years. They have concluded that often the world quietly wants Israel to deal with existential threats emanating from the Middle East while loudly damning it when it does. They have learned from the experience of the Holocaust that, for good or evil, Jews are on their own and can never again trust in the world’s professed humanity to prevent another Holocaust. And they are convinced that they can also never again err on the side of the probability that national leaders, with deadly weapons in their grasp, do not really mean all the unhinged things they shout and scream about killing Jews.
by Craig via Newmark's Door