Sunday, May 31, 2015

The ‘Ferguson Effect': How Obama’s racial pimping has endangered ALL Americans

The ‘Ferguson Effect': How Obama’s racial pimping has endangered ALL Americans - BizPac Review: "The effort to paint the nation’s police officers as uniformed crime families — led by the Obama administration, former Attorney General Eric Holder and America’s racial grievance industry– has created a “Ferguson Effect” of growing crime — and not just in the city’s where rioting has taken hold.

A Wall Street Journal column on Friday slammed the growing trend by the Obama administration and race baiters like Al Sharpton and media outlets such as CNN for seizing moments like the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Freddie Grey in Baltimore to create what writer Heather McDonald called the “Ferguson Effect.”

The consequence of the false narrative they’ve created is the end of the nation’s two decade long drop in crime.


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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Founders’ Model of Welfare Actually Reduced Poverty

The Founders’ Model of Welfare Actually Reduced Poverty | The Federalist Papers: "1. It should only be for those who truly need it.

The Founders believed government had an obligation to the governed to provide a safety net, but only for those individuals incapable of providing for themselves, like widows, orphans, the elderly, and the mentally and physically handicapped. If you were capable of working, and refused, government owed you nothing.

2. It should be the bare minimum.

The Founders believed that government should provide the basic necessities of life for those who were incapable of providing for themselves, but it would only be the bare minimum. This meant that you would have food to eat and a place to sleep free of charge, but nothing much beyond that. In other words, welfare was not meant to be comfortable.

3. It should be done at the state and local level, NEVER the national.

The Founders believed that the form of government closest to the individual could best take care of the individual if necessary. This meant all welfare would come from the local and state authorities. The national government was too remote and too general to ever be suited to providing welfare. As a result, poor houses, orphanages, and insane asylums were built by local authorities, at public expense. Churches and neighborhoods also gave some relief.

Today, we have completely abandoned the Founders’ system."

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Can Our Biofuel Boondoggle Be Fixed?

Can Our Biofuel Boondoggle Be Fixed? - The American Interest: "America’s biofuels hopes may have been well-intentioned—the notion of a renewable, domestically-produced fuel source is certainly enticing—but setting mandates divorced from the reality of what suppliers could actually produce, and what the market actually demanded, was a grave mistake. Subsequently delaying the release of new annual targets by more than a year has only compounded the problem."

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This Is What Happened When Maine Forced Welfare Recipients To Work For Their Benefits 

This Is What Happened When Maine Forced Welfare Recipients To Work For Their Benefits : "Do you see what Maine did there? They’re making people exhaust their possibilities for employment before giving them a handout. Finally a state government has hit upon a great way to reward people for trying to get jobs and to punish those who sit around feeding off the taxes of the rest of the country.

Now the struggle remains for the rest of the country to work to adopt similarly effective laws."

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Ann Coulter's War

Ann Coulter's War: "Coulter's argument — that the media and our politicians conspire to keep information from us about the effects of mass immigration from non-Western countries, and that such immigration will destroy the fabric of the country — is virtually unassailable. The only question left: Who will stand up to the tidal wave of political correctness to pursue a reasonable and sane immigration policy, rather than the insane combination of ignorance and bullying that currently dictates who gets to live in and help redefine the greatest country in the history of mankind?


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Friday, May 29, 2015

Michael Barone: Our Universities Have Grown Dysfunctional

Michael Barone: Our Universities Have Grown Dysfunctional - "American colleges and universities, long thought to be the glory of the nation, are in more than a little trouble.

I've written before of their shameful practices — the racial quotas and preferences at selective schools (Harvard is being sued by Asian-American organizations), the kangaroo courts that try students accused of rape and sexual assault without legal representation or presumption of innocence, and speech codes that make campuses the least rather than the most free venues in American society.

In following these policies, the burgeoning phalanxes of university and college administrators must systematically lie, insisting against all the evidence that they are racially nondiscriminatory, devoted to due process and upholders of free speech. The resulting intellectual corruption would have been understood by George Orwell.

Alas, even the great strengths of our colleges and universities are threatening to become weaknesses. Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing."

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Amtrak Philadelphia Crash Not Caused By Lack Of Taxpayer Funding

Amtrak Philadelphia Crash Not Caused By Lack Of Taxpayer Funding - "After the recent Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia, some politicians and pundits used the terrible tragedy to perpetuate the misleading claim that the federal government's passenger rail operation suffers from a lack of taxpayer assistance.

This rush to judgment was unsurprising, given that misfortune is sometimes synonymous with opportunity in the eyes of the political class.

Amtrak has a lot of problems, but a lack of federal funding isn't one of them."

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Don’t Tweak the Biofuels Mandate, End It

Don’t Tweak the Biofuels Mandate, End It: "Rather than recognize the ethanol program is a loss for the economy and the environment, the federal government keeps trying to fit a square peg into a round circle. Congress should scrap the program altogether."

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To Hell With FIFA – Let’s Get Rid of the International Olympic Committee

To Hell With FIFA – Let’s Get Rid of the International Olympic Committee | Daily Pundit: "Frankly, I’d rather get rid of the gang of global corruptocrats who make these punks look like the small time grifters they are:  Let’s get rid of the International Olympic Committee."

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TRIGGERING CENSORSHIP IS UNSAFE: The Moronic Mess of Modern Feminism

TRIGGERING CENSORSHIP IS UNSAFE: The Moronic Mess of Modern Feminism ⋆ Doug Giles ⋆ #ClashDaily: "Once “feminists” were strong women, proud to be women, and confident of their strength. Liberal feminists aimed at equality with men, equal pay for equal work, the right to compete for the same jobs, and a fair shot at an equal playing field. Radical feminists sought a re-imagining of the world, where men would be conquered by powerful, “womyn-centered-womyn” who would best them by virtue of their basic moral and intellectual superiority.

No more.

Today’s so-called feminists are unworthy of the name. They have not only created a vision of women that focuses almost exclusively on their genitalia (a bizarre parallel to the male sexism they once decried and no one accepts any more), but one that diminishes their abilities to the point that they cannot be taken seriously as adults.

Modern college feminists, instead of being empowered by the enormous range of options they now have, imprison themselves by insisting that nothing in education, culture, society, or politics should be allowed to confront their biases, challenge their assumptions, or “trigger” their emotions.

This is the exact opposite of what “college” is supposed to be."

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How The Trans-Agenda Seeks To Redefine Everyone

How The Trans-Agenda Seeks To Redefine Everyone: "It’s About Control, Not Rights
The transgender movement has strong totalitarian overtones that Americans (especially certain senators) don’t fully understand. How else to describe a crusade with such far-reaching consequences for First Amendment rights? The legal destruction of gender distinctions will inevitably dissolve family autonomy, thereby uprooting freedom of association. Free expression becomes “hate speech” if one doesn’t fall into line with the directives of the transgender lobby or its pronoun protocol. Freedom of religion takes a direct hit any way you look at it.

Under the guise of “rights,” the transgender movement can serve as convenient cover for consolidating and centralizing power under an ever-expanding State. Once we allow the State to refuse to recognize that children result from the male-female union, we grant the State more power to separate us from our children. As power becomes more centralized in the State, the individuals and institutions of the State, inevitably flawed, end up owning our personal relationships. With weakened mediating institutions—family, churches, private associations—we lose the buffer zones that stand between individuals and an encroaching state."

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The World Has Gotten a Lot Less Hungry

The World Has Gotten a Lot Less Hungry: The awful news is that hundreds of million of people go hungry; the good news, contained in a UN report out today, is that that number is no longer 1 billion. In 1990, some 1.01 billion people worldwide qualified as undernourished, or "unable to consume enough food for an...

EPA Busted for Ideology

EPA Busted for Ideology | Watts Up With That?: "The EPA’s attempt to harness new coal-fired power plant constructions has been exposed as ideological rather than legal. The EPA further ignored the Department of Energy’s (DOE) earlier conclusion that carbon capture and storage (CCS) has not been “adequately demonstrated.” [1]  It is likely that the intended purpose of the EPA was to impose a de facto ban on coal-fired power plants. Those stakes are huge. The rule on new power plants could also be the legal predicate for the EPA’s proposed rule regulating existing power plants. That could establish emissions reductions for states and attempts to force them to meet those targets by adopting cap-and-trade tax schemes and other damaging financial and energy practices.The lack of deference in court decision could potentially make the EPA’s entire global warming agenda vulnerable as also ideological.
While the EPA is not likely to abandon its activism, Horner hopes that the biggest impact of E&E Legal’s exposing of the EPA will be to discredit it enough so that Congress will step in to put a stop to the misuse of the 1970 Clean Air Act. [2] "

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Hamas Must be Destroyed

Hamas Must be Destroyed:
During and after the conflict in Gaza last summer, the prime-mover behind it – the terrorist group Hamas, which controls the area – mounted a successful information operation blaming Israel for attacking and killing civilians.
Never mind that the Israelis went to unprecedented lengths to avoid such losses, including by exposing their own troops to enemy fire.
The world’s media and policy elites bought this Palestinian disinformation. They forced the Israelis to end prematurely the campaign to prevent Hamas’ missiles and rockets from harming civilians in Israel, and its construction of tunnels to kill or kidnap many more.
Now, Amnesty International has issued a new report that condemns Hamas for torturing and murdering its own civilians in Gaza during the war last year.
Israel was right: Hamas must be destroyed, not protected.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Wages of Liberalism Is Death

The Wages of Liberalism Is Death: (John Hinderaker)
The Left’s ceaseless attacks on law enforcement are having the predictable effect: elevated homicide rates in the cities where policemen have come under attack.
It is really quite extraordinary. Violent crime rose until the mid-1990s, when the public demanded a widespread police crackdown that proved immensely successful. Homicide rates declined nationwide by around 50%, and there were similar drops in robbery, rape, aggravated assault and other violent crimes. QED: America had learned how to combat violent crime. But now that lesson has been unlearned, as liberals have concluded that police forces are to blame for the ills of inner-city America. The resulting attack on law enforcement has crippled multiple police forces’ ability to fight crime aggressively. So, what has happened? In areas where liberals have seized control and attacked the police, violent crime appears to be returning to its mid-1990s level.
Will liberals ever learn? Don’t hold your breath.

America took a bite of the poisonous fruit of liberalism and now people are dying for it

America took a bite of the poisonous fruit of liberalism and now people are dying for it | Flopping Aces: "Police are afraid- afraid for their lives and afraid to do their jobs because they’re being attacked while the a**holes in the White House and in the state offices don’t have their backs but they do have the backs of those who need “space to destroy.”

The violence, the killings- these are the poisonous fruits of liberalism. Hate cops? Great. Enjoy living without them. Watch as the social fabric of these cities is torn asunder. America has bitten into the poisonous fruit of liberalism and now we all see the consequences.

Don’t forget to thank a liberal on your way out of town"

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Marco Rubio: We’re at the water’s edge of mainstream Christian teachings being branded “hate speech”

Marco Rubio: We’re at the water’s edge of mainstream Christian teachings being branded “hate speech” « Hot Air: "Via the Brody File, hard to believe a country that’s 70 percent Christian would acquiesce in a legal regime like that, but then I look at this poll and remember we’ve already reached the point where Christian-owned businesses can be effectively shuttered by the state for politely declining to participate in a gay wedding. It’d be more accurate to say that the effort to brand Christian teachings that undermine progressivism as “hate speech” has already begun in the public sphere, with the fate of the private sphere still undetermined. Based on early indications, though, merely entertaining an opponent of same-sex marriage in your home has already risen to the level of a felony thoughtcrime, provided that he’s famous enough.


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John Bolton underestimates Obama

Blog: John Bolton underestimates Obama: "Bolton is underestimating the very real possibility that is even more horrifying than a president in denial, which is this: Obama’s actions and inactions are all by design.  And while Obama is indeed driven by his ideology, the ideology is one that is simpatico with Islam.  As a result, of course, we are losing to ISIS, to Islamic terror, to jihad, to the growing caliphate, to a Middle East spiraling out of control, and to Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

What we see unfolding is not because Obama is unwilling to understand the reality on the ground or because he’s paralyzed as to what to do.  Quite the opposite.  I would suggest that Obama understands the situation quite well.  And he’s all on board.  There’s no paralysis, much as we might like to think so, giving ourselves a shred of hope that the country didn’t really elect a person to be president of the United States who aligns himself with evil forces that are plotting and acting against us.


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Disasters at Home and Abroad

Disasters at Home and Abroad | National Review Online: "Whatever liberalism is, it is not working. Our country’s policies overseas are falling apart, while at home our society stagnates and turns tribal — with a growing and embittered underclass, a shrinking and angry middle class, and a plutocratic and apartheid elite who, as absolution for their privilege, are desperate to praise in the abstract what they so studiously avoid in the concrete.


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At Sea in an Alien Culture, Where ‘Normal’ Is Defined as ‘Deviant’

At Sea in an Alien Culture, Where ‘Normal’ Is Defined as ‘Deviant’ | National Review Online: "In short, we’re told that so much of what we know is good and normal is actually bad, while so much that’s objectively awful is actually no big deal or even something worth admiring.

Nothing looks the same. The values, the culture, the standards, the frames of reference: All are skewed, tumped over, deconstructed, disorienting. We feel like we’re in a phantasmagoria, a Moody Blues lament in which “red is gray and yellow, white” — except that, unlike in the song, we are actually powerless “to decide which is right,” and the new cultural construct, unfortunately, is no illusion.

This isn’t only modernization we’re experiencing; it’s a veritable inversion of values and decency, and of the very nature of truth.

Among us relics of a bygone age, the debate is not whether the current state of affairs is atrocious; the debate is whether we’re only at a tipping point or instead already beyond it. The rough beast slouches ever closer, and we don’t know if we can stop him. We know, though, that we must try.


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Fed’s Lacker says letting banks fail will restore market discipline

Fed’s Lacker says letting banks fail will restore market discipline | One America News Network: "Policymakers must ensure that financial industry creditors do not expect government bailouts and must be willing to let firms fail in order to restore market discipline, a top Federal Reserve official said on Tuesday.

The remarks by Jeffrey Lacker, president of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank, repeated much of what he has previously said about what regulators need to do to make the financial system safer. Lacker, a voting member this year on the Fed’s policy-setting committee, did not discuss monetary policy.

The long-term solution to ending too-big-to-fail banks is restoring market discipline “so that financial firms and their creditors have an incentive to avoid fragile funding arrangements,” Lacker said in remarks prepared for delivery at the Louisiana State University Graduate School of Banking.


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Social Security A Success? It's The Worst Deal Of Your Life

Social Security A Success? It's The Worst Deal Of Your Life - "The bigger problem is that Social Security promises to pay benefits that are pitiful compared with what workers today could make if they invested the money rather than put it in a sink hole where politicians control the funds.


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Why Does the Left Kowtow to Islam?

Why Does the Left Kowtow to Islam?: "The point is that the left doesn’t kowtow to Islam because they actually love Islam, but rather because they hate our own culture. They have been steeped in a narrative about how American and Western culture is racist and “imperialist,” and they’ve been trained to see anyone with a dark complexion and a non-Western origin as the victim of our crimes. When they see criticism of Islam, or deliberate attempts to defy Islam, they filter it through that narrative. They see it as: there go those bigoted right-wing Christians, demeaning dark-skinned foreigners again. So they reflexively oppose it.


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Contemporary Western Society Is The Real Suicide Cult

Contemporary Western Society Is The Real Suicide Cult - The Rebel: "On the other hand, we in the West, as a matter of cultural norm, have adopted institutional practices designed to belittle ourselves, denigrate our highest achievements, disparage our military strength and service, curse our cultural values, and appease anyone who finds us offensive.


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Monday, May 25, 2015

"Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rips ‘manufactured consensus’ – Human influence is NOT ‘dominant over natural climate variability’"

"Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rips ‘manufactured consensus’ – Human influence is NOT ‘dominant over natural climate variability’":

I especially like this bit:

[If you have seen] the collapse of the consensus on cholesterol and heart disease– that one collapsed overnight. I can only hope that sanity will eventually prevail with the climate problem as well.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Welfare expansion is killing the American work ethic

Welfare expansion is killing the American work ethic: "Is there a correlation between the growth of welfare reception and the decline in the willingness of people to work? It would seem contrary to common sense to argue that there isn’t one. And indeed, the lessons of history and the present seem to bear this out. The expansiveness of the availability of welfare has a dragging effect on the growth of employment, and the willingness of people to seek it."

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Krauthammer: Hillary Email Dump Is ‘Farce,’ We Saw What She Wanted Us to See

Krauthammer: Hillary Email Dump Is ‘Farce,’ We Saw What She Wanted Us to See | Mediaite: "Hundreds of Hillary Clinton‘s emails were released today, something Clinton herself said she wants, but Charles Krauthammer doesn’t really buy this is some great victory for transparency and disclosure.

“There isn’t a shred of evidence,” he said, “because she shredded the evidence. This whole release is a farce.”

He pointed out that it’s not like every little email Clinton ever sent will be released to the public, only the ones ‘scrubbed and cleansed and decided upon, chosen by her own people, acting in her own interest.”"

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Amtrak's Disaster Comes After Long History of Reckless Investment

Amtrak's Disaster Comes After Long History of Reckless Investment: "Let’s start with the facts. The train attempted to take a bend going more than twice the 50 mile-per-hour speed limit for that section of track. That’s like a tractor-trailer doing 100 in a 50 mile-per-hour zone. If this isn’t a wake up call, then I don’t know what is! Why was the driver going so fast? This is clearly an issue of human error; not the result of government neglect.

To claim that more than $1 billion a year in Amtrak subsidies was insufficient to prevent this tragedy is insane. The last thing we need is for Congress to dump more money into this raggedy burden on tax-payers.

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Predictions of polar ice retreat were wrong

Predictions of polar ice retreat were wrong | PrairiePundit: "Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979. Since the end of 2012, moreover, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average. The updated data contradict one of the most frequently asserted global warming claims – that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to recede."

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The roots of radical Islam not found in poverty or discrimination

The roots of radical Islam not found in poverty or discrimination | PrairiePundit: "So how did Tsarnaev become a jihadist? Because he was radicalized in the United States, the usual factors used to explain jihadist behavior — poverty, illiteracy, discrimination — do not seem to apply. The answer lies instead in the method developed by the Muslim Brotherhood to advance Islam in the West.

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"One by One, Our Freedom Does Get Murdered".

End of your arm: Mark Steyn: "One by One, Our Freedom Does Get Murdered".: ""Once they started killing people for drawing Mohammed it became necessary for everyone to draw Mohammed - to show that there are too many to kill, and thus to teach Islam that, whatever its own proscriptions, they do not and will never apply to non-believers. Once you make drawing Mohammed a capital crime, it is necessary to make drawing Mohammed so universal that it's no crime at all. If you claim the right to kill because you're offended, then it is necessary to offend you all the time - until you accept the messy norms of pluralistic societies."

Read that paragraph over and over again, send it to your "leaders".

Repeat it out loud. 

Live it, if you want to be free. "

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End of your arm: Behold: The Dumbest Most Sinister and Anti-American President in American History

End of your arm: Behold: The Dumbest Most Sinister and Anti-American President in American History: "America is being led by an imbecilic, evil socialist who wants to cripple America and destroy the Western world. 

It's hard to imagine a more blindingly stupid speech to American warriors than this.

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They’re Not ‘Minnesotans,’ They’re Somali Muslims, Working for the Enemy

They’re Not ‘Minnesotans,’ They’re Somali Muslims, Working for the Enemy | PJ Tatler: "It’s become a quaint fiction among the feel-gooders of the MSM that nationality and citizenship are nothing more than which passport you hold. Thus, we read about “Swedish” rapists, “French” terrorists and “Minnesotan” members of ISIS. This is the result:

Two of the Twin Cities men accused of trying to join ISIS are now charged with student loan fraud. Investigators say both Hamza Ahmed, 19, and Hanad Musse, 19, used more than $1,000 from federal student loan accounts for plane tickets to Turkey and Greece. Prosecutors say they were really going to Syria to join ISIS.

On Tuesday, prosecutors combined two separate cases, meaning that seven young Minnesota friends will eventually be tried together for allegedly trying to join the terror group. Prosecutors combined the case of Ahmed, who was arrested and charged in February, with that of six young men who were arrested in April. Prosecutors say Ahmed’s arrest should have served as a warning to the others.

Yeah, right: more like a how-to manual. Step one: obtain American asylum from your rathole “country” (where, by the way, American soldiers were murdered and desecrated). Step two: Cash in. Step three: use the suckers’ money to finance your personal jihad against the very civilization that rescued you. Oh, yes — one more:

Also on Tuesday, Abdurahman Daud, one of the two members of the group who the government says went to California to pick up fake passports, made his first court appearance in Minnesota. Supporters of the young men argue that the fake passports were the idea of a confidential informant, and that all of the men are victims of government entrapment. The informant was a close friend of all of the accused. Prosecutors say the informant was once part of the plot and at one point tried to join ISIS, too.

Step four: blame the cops. Ain’t “multiculturalism” grand?"

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

John Derbyshire: Roger Scruton On The Rotherham Rapes

John Derbyshire: Roger Scruton On The Rotherham Rapes | VDARE.COM: "As an example of the cowardly, defeatist, ethnomasochist cancer rapidly eating away the vital organs of Western civilization, the “grooming” scandals in the English town of Rotherham have made less of a stir than they should have."

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The Time Has Come for the End of the Ex-Im Bank

The Time Has Come for the End of the Ex-Im Bank | Mercatus: "Ex-Im cronyism is unjust and inefficient. But rampant Ex-Im Bank corruption and secrecy are absolutely unacceptable. It remains to be seen whether Republicans in the House of Representatives will use their largest majority since 1928 to stop the bank once and for all as their presidential candidates would like."

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The Dramatic Rise of Homeschooling - Hope for American Education

The Dramatic Rise of Homeschooling - Hope for American Education | The Federalist Papers: "Notice too from the article – homeschooling is not the luxury of the rich.  It is a mostly middle-class movement.  These are hard-working taxpayers who get almost no breaks or handouts from the government.  They are doing what is necessary to see to it that their children are well-educated and prepared for life.

The other important fact to consider here is that homeschoolers are excelling academically far beyond their public school counterparts.  We recently reported about the team of homeschoolers in Michigan who became quiz show champions.


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Fracking might not be Cause of Those Earthquakes After All

Fracking might not be Cause of Those Earthquakes After All | RedState: "One of the favorite stories trotted out by the media and opponents of fracking is that the process causes earthquakes. Unsurprisingly, it looks like this is yet another case of the media and the Left relying on the narrative instead of scientific facts. Per an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, geologist Craig Pollard of Cinco Resources told people gathered for a presentation hosted by the Institute for Policy Innovation, “Based on known geology and known science, the most likely explanation is that it’s occurring in a known faulted zone of an old buried mountain range.”


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Shocking statistics about black slavery liberals will NEVER admit

Shocking statistics about black slavery liberals will NEVER admit - Allen B. West - "As Dr. Walter E. Williams writes for, “Hustlers and people with little understanding want us to believe that today’s black problems are the continuing result of a legacy of slavery, poverty and racial discrimination. The fact is that most of the social pathology seen in poor black neighborhoods is entirely new in black history. Let’s look at some of it. Today the overwhelming majority of black children are raised in single female-headed families. As early as the 1880s, three-quarters of black families were two-parent. In 1925 New York City, 85 percent of black families were two-parent. One study of 19th-century slave families found that in up to three-fourths of the families, all the children had the same mother and father.”

“Today’s black illegitimacy rate of nearly 75 percent is also entirely new. In 1940, black illegitimacy stood at 14 percent. It had risen to 25 percent by 1965, when Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action” and was widely condemned as a racist. By 1980, the black illegitimacy rate had more than doubled, to 56 percent, and it has been growing since. Both during slavery and as late as 1920, a teenage girl raising a child without a man present was rare among blacks.”

“Much of today’s pathology seen among many blacks is an outgrowth of the welfare state that has made self-destructive behavior less costly for the individual. Having children without the benefit of marriage is less burdensome if the mother receives housing subsidies, welfare payments and food stamps. Plus, the social stigma associated with unwed motherhood has vanished. Female-headed households, whether black or white, are a ticket for dependency and all of its associated problems. Ignored in all discussions is the fact that the poverty rate among black married couples has been in single digits since 1994.”"

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Hillary’s Press-Protection Pass Slowly Being Revoked

Hillary’s Press-Protection Pass Slowly Being Revoked: "Pondering, in my last post, issues of silencing, and protective passes, I must admit is interesting — actually fascinating and disturbing — to watch the press as it starts signaling to the Silent Hillary Clinton that her protective pass is being revoked, and slowly pulled from her hands.
The press is finally beginning to publish stories it has loyally kept aside until now, and the headlines are terrible for Hillary, for Bill, and even for the unliked Chelsea, whose boring mediocrity the press has been dutifully ignoring, up to now, as suddenly Benghazi-and-what-Hillary-Knew-When matters; our disastrous moves in Libya and the related money questions begin to matter, as does the fact that — with the help of her despised henchman, Sid Blumenthal — the Clintons have more or less been assembling a kind of Independent Clinton Nation under the guise of their foundation, and have also been running a kind of shadow government, in which they have worked apart from the wishes of the Obama administration, right down to their exclusive intel network and the use of an email server and addresses apart from our own government’s and only accessible to theirs, and down to the placement of its own, reliable media-minions."

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An Appeal to Obama to Secure the Grid

Center for Security Policy | An Appeal to Obama to Secure the Grid: "Last week, over thirty prominent national security practitioners – including influential former legislators and military leaders – urged President Obama to address what is indisputably the most acute danger facing our country today: the vulnerability of our electric grid to enemy attack and to naturally occurring, intense solar storms.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Collapse of Baltimore City

The Collapse of Baltimore City | Gingrich Productions: "There is no greater example of the relentless dishonesty of modern Democrats than their willingness to destroy children’s lives while blaming others. President Obama could quit blaming Fox News and simply demand school choice (which of course he opposes) and he would radically improve the lives of millions of trapped poor children.
Of course, it is Democrats who control the teachers union that traps Baltimore City’s children in schools that fail and ruin their lives. They do so on behalf of the unionized bureaucratic political machine that controls the city.
Poverty in general has been institutionalized by the destructive ideological biases of Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. On May 22,1964 President Johnson said, “Our society will never be great until our cities are great. Today the frontier of imagination and innovation is inside those cities and not beyond their borders.”
Tragically, his policies trapped people in dependency, killed small businesses in favor of bureaucracy, and favored unionized workers over children. The result has been a 50-year disaster which no liberal Democrat is prepared to analyze honestly.
Charles Murray’s classic study of destructive welfare policies, Losing Ground, and Marvin Olasky’s decisive repudiation of the idealistic premises of big government liberalism’s approach to poverty, The Tragedy of American Compassion, explain decisively the failure of the Baltimore City Democrats. Their values, principles and organizations doom their efforts to failure.

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Why Pamela Geller Is Hated

Why Pamela Geller Is Hated - The Dennis Prager Show The Dennis Prager Show: "Pamela Geller — the woman whose group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, organized the Muhammad cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas — may be the most hated person in America right now. She is certainly the left’s chief villain. And, sad to say, though few conservatives hate her, more than a few have condemned her.
The question is why?
Here are three reasons."  This combination — of the steep moral decline of the American left; the inability of too many Americans to reason morally; and the greater value increasingly placed on protecting (certain) people’s feelings than on protecting freedom of speech — is why a woman who did nothing more than organize a contest to draw cartoons of Muhammad may be the most reviled American alive.

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Warning Signs: Stupefying Generations of Americans

Warning Signs: Stupefying Generations of Americans: "I used the verb “stupefying” to describe a long process in our nation’s schools that has produced several generations of Americans, dumbed down and resulting in more than half who are functionally illiterate, nor can do math, and, as a recent headline reported “Student’s Results in Social Studies Stagnate.”

“U.S. middle-school students’ performance on social studies didn’t improve much between 2010 and 2014, federal test scores released Wednesday (April 29) show, underscoring concerns about the uniformed citizenry and workforce.”  When it comes to U.S. history, the share of students scoring at or above proficiency last year was 18%, up one percentage point from 2010. In other words, over 80% failed to have a grasp on the subject, critical to every citizen’s understanding of U.S. history, its Constitution, and governance."

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Will Congress Finally Defend Its Constitutional Turf - to Stop the EPA’s Assault on Water?

Will Congress Finally Defend Its Constitutional Turf - to Stop the EPA’s Assault on Water? | RedState: "The federal government is out of control. One of the fundamental problems is the Branches are failing to stay in their respective lanes.

It is WAY past time for the respective Branches to get back in them. Or be forced therein.

Congress must reclaim its Constitutional lawmaking authority. Starting now.


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Why conservatives have more empathy than liberals

Why conservatives have more empathy than liberals | "If you start from the conviction that you're standing up for the underdog, you will naturally assume that your political opponents are for the powerful. You will subliminally screen out evidence that challenges that view. As Danusha Goska put it in American Thinker not long ago, "Never, in all my years of leftist activism, did I ever hear anyone articulate accurately the position of anyone to our right. In fact, I did not even know those positions when I was a leftist."

Do rightists also caricature their opponents? Yes, but not to anything like the same extent. A 2012 study by Jesse Graham, Brian A. Nosek and Jonathan Haidt asked conservatives and liberals to answer a series of questions as themselves, and then to answer them in the imagined personae of a typical conservative and a typical liberal. It found that the liberals were the least able to accurately to guess their opponents' views, seeing conservatism as a kind of moral failure.

They're not playing to the gallery. They're not sloganizing. They genuinely believe that we conservatives went into politics because we hate the poor. Their conviction is so solid that facts crash against it as waves against a rock. Again and again, leftists will line up behind policies that hurt the general population in order to reward vested interests: the bailouts and the TARP boondoggle, the alternative energy scams, the trade barriers that favor privileged industries, the regulations that drive up prices. The practical consequences of these policies matter far less to their advocates than the opportunity to signal their good intentions. And if their intentions are good, ours must be bad. Psychologists call it "self-serving bias".

In all the years I've been in politics, I'm not sure I've shaken a single socialist out of the "you conservatives hate poor people" shtick. The only way to answer, I've found, is to say: "Yup, you're right: we want to turn them into rich people.""

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Blacks bring misery upon themselves

Blacks bring misery upon themselves: "It is time for blacks to be honest and truthful with themselves. It is time they started holding those causing trouble accountable. They can contentiously argue that there’s no such thing as black-on-black crime, but that doesn’t change the truth that 8,000 blacks murder other blacks annually.

Rioting and destroying their areas of domicile doesn’t change the truth that gangs and drugs are destroying their families.

Blacks can point to women of other population groups having abortions, but that is just defecting the truth that at current rates of abortion the black population of America will be in single digits by 2050.

Eviscerating those who refuse to be shackled to an ideological prison of inferiority, immiseration and despair that suborns loyalty to reprobate race mongers is not a step forward.

There is no justification for the duplicitous double standards blacks demand. Even children understand that what is wrong for one is wrong for all. Blacks cannot be excused for placing large swaths of cities, human life and resources at risk because they are upset.

The truth is the truth, and like it or not, blacks are committing crimes that insure large numbers of them are incarcerated. Is the judicial system supposed to reward lawbreakers?

Pundits, talk-show hosts, etc., all have reasons for the problems and travails blacks endure, but their reasons are not predicated upon the truth. The truth is that blacks bring it upon themselves, and until they individually take the requisite steps to end self-destructive behavior and embrace modernity, they will have no one to blame but themselves.


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Yes, It Is Stupid to Blame Lack of Subsidies for Amtrak's Derailment

Yes, It Is Stupid to Blame Lack of Subsidies for Amtrak's Derailment | Competitive Enterprise Institute: "Rail is inherently less resilient, which is one the major arguments against the system that supporters of perpetual subsidies of Amtrak ignore. I fully support privatizing the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak and winding down most of the unprofitable long-distance routes. But no amount of improved management would resolve passenger rail’s inherent lack of resiliency.

There is no way to reasonably fund Amtrak out of this fatal flaw, and intellectually honest Amtrak boosters know this. What is intellectually dishonest is politicians like Sen. Schumer arguing that a lack of sufficient taxpayer subsidies is responsible for the Philadelphia derailment. As I noted, PTC is a horribly inefficient way to improve rail safety and Congress’s misguided 2008 mandate likely reduced overall safety by forcing railroads to misallocate resources away from needed core capital improvements. So, contrary to what some of the more shameless elements of the political class, such as Sen. Schumer, have been arguing, Speaker Boehner was right: it’s just plain stupid to blame allegedly insufficient taxpayer subsidies for last week’s Amtrak derailment.


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PRIVATIZE AMTRAK--It's Broken; Let the Free Market Fix It

PRIVATIZE AMTRAK--It's Broken; Let the Free Market Fix It | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily: "Needless to say, Amtrak needs to be privatized. Subsidies need to end, as should any routes that don’t do well. New routes could be established depending on how well Amtrak does financially once it is in the private sector. In addition, the privatization of Amtrak would result in reduced costs and an improvement in service.

I should add that passenger railways in other countries are privately owned and operated, so the United States needs to do the same."

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How Lawmakers Could Reduce Health Insurance Costs

How Lawmakers Could Reduce Health Insurance Costs: "What the administration continues to try to hide, but which most Americans now recognize is that the Affordable Care Act imposed new regulations that made health insurance more expensive.

The law’s subsidies were intended, in part, to mask those effects. Good health care policy, by contrast, would have focused on finding ways to make coverage less expensive.

In our latest paper we calculate that removing the Affordable Care Act’s three most costly insurance requirements (the age rating restrictions, benefit mandates and minimum actuarial value requirements) could reduce premiums for the least expensive plans by as much as 44 percent for younger adults (the group most likely to be uninsured) and about 7 percent for pre-retirement age adults.

That would be a good first step toward a post-Obamacare market in which more affordable coverage reduces the number of individuals who might need assistance, as well as the size and scope of such assistance.


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Federal Government Admits Illegally Assisting Invaders. Again

Federal Government Admits Illegally Assisting Invaders. Again. | VDARE.COM: "This is beyond immigration policy. This is now simply about a lawless regime that is openly, flagrantly, and deliberately violating its sworn duties. And the Republicans, who control Congress, are not only not doing anything to stop the President, they are actively intervening to reward him by supporting Obama’s policy program against the opposition of the President’s own party.


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Pamela Geller and the 'Hate Speech' Canard

Pamela Geller and the 'Hate Speech' Canard | PJ Media: "It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the ugliness Pamela Geller has exposed, and how grateful we should be to her.

Those with totalitarian impulses have created the idea of “hate speech” out of thin air and have turned the entire idea of “human rights” on its head, transforming it into the tyrant’s ultimate tool.
Now we know, and must react accordingly.

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Report Reveals Hidden Tax of Federal Regulation Reaches $1.88 Trillion

Report Reveals Hidden Tax of Federal Regulation Reaches $1.88 Trillion | Competitive Enterprise Institute: "“The federal government’s reach extends well beyond Washington’s taxes, deficits, and bor­rowing,” said Crews. “Federal environmental, safety and health, and economic regulations affect the economy by hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Regula­tory compliance costs borne by businesses will find their way into the prices that con­sumers pay, affect the wages workers earn, and lead to lower levels of growth and pros­perity.”

“Policymakers and regulators fail to recognize that, while businesses want to ‘create jobs,’ that goodwill doesn’t change the reality that more jobs mean more costs,” continued Crews. “If businesses are burdened by unpredictable regulations coming their way, it is not surprising that they don’t expand.”"

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Political Correctness Has Destroyed The Army’s Readiness And Morale

Political Correctness Has Destroyed The Army’s Readiness And Morale | The Daily Caller: "The U.S. Army is facing its greatest danger as an institution since the 1970’s. Stricken with morale and readiness problems, it is also under attack from leftist social engineers who are determined to remake the Army, even if they have to destroy it.


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THEIR WAY OR NO OTHER: Exposing the Cult of ... Liberalism!

THEIR WAY OR NO OTHER: Exposing the Cult of ... Liberalism! | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily: "If you are a Liberal Cultist you don’t believe in logic, in facts, in true history. You only believe in feelings, your own feelings, and you force public and private policy upon everyone based on your feelings alone. Simply because you believe you are smarter and wiser than anyone else who is outside the Cult.

We all can look at cults and say that cults in general are a bad idea and are bad for the individual involved. So why is it we fully accept the Cult of Liberalism even though it is probably the most dangerous cult the planet has ever seen?

Something to think about.


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How Liberals Ruined College

How Liberals Ruined College - The Daily Beast: "On today’s campuses, left-leaning administrators, professors, and students are working overtime in their campaign of silencing dissent, and their unofficial tactics of ostracizing, smearing, and humiliation are highly effective. But what is even more chilling—and more far reaching—is the official power they abuse to ensure the silencing of views they don’t like. They’ve invented a labyrinth of anti-free speech tools that include “speech codes,” “free speech zones,” censorship, investigations by campus “diversity and tolerance offices,” and denial of due process. They craft “anti-harassment policies” and “anti-violence policies” that are speech codes in disguise. According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s (FIRE) 2014 report on campus free speech, “Spotlight on Speech Codes,” close to 60 percent of the four hundred–plus colleges they surveyed “seriously infringe upon the free speech rights of students.” Only 16 of the schools reviewed in 2014 had no policies restricting protected speech. Their 2015 report found that of the 437 schools they surveyed, “more than 55 percent maintain severely restrictive, ‘red light’ speech codes—policies that clearly and substantially prohibit protected speech.” FIRE’s Greg Lukianoff attributed the slight drop to outside pressure from free-speech groups and lawsuits.


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Obama's Regulations Cost More Than $80 Billion Annually

Obama's Regulations Cost More Than $80 Billion Annually: "The need for reform of the regulatory system has never been greater. The White House, Congress, and federal agencies routinely ignore regulatory costs, exaggerate benefits and breach legislative and constitutional boundaries.


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How the Left Amended the First Amendment

The First — and a Half — Amendment | National Review Online: "Without free speech, the United States becomes just another two-bit society of sycophants, opportunists, and toadies who warp expression for their own careerist and political agendas. How odd that we of the 21st century lack the vision and courage of our 18th-century Founders, who warned us of exactly what we are now becoming.


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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Republican rep explains how Obama incited race riots, starting with the ‘Beer Summit’

Republican rep explains how Obama incited race riots, starting with the ‘Beer Summit’ - BizPac Review: "“President Obama has consistently driven wedges between people. And he perceives a difference on race, maybe on ethnicity, well yes on ethnicity, sexual orientation—wedge after wedge after wedge. I didn’t really imagine they were going to drive a wedge between the law and law-breakers,” King told reporters at the South Carolina Freedom Summit in Greenville."

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Child Protection Stasi in action

Vox Popoli: Child Protection Stasi in action: "There is absolutely no excuse or justification for this sort of thing. Every policeman and CPS agent involved should be arrested and tried for kidnapping. Whatever happened to Blackstone's Formulation and the principle "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer"?

The Child Protection Stasi aren't protecting children. They are abusing them.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

James Clapper's Latest Brain Fart

FOUSESQUAWK: James Clapper's Latest Brain Fart: "James Clapper, who inexplicably is the President's National Security adviser, now says that when he told Congress that Americans were not being spied upon, he forgot about that little NSA program.
How did this profoundly incompetent person rise to such a position of power?

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"Acceptable" Racism at Boston University

FOUSESQUAWK: "Acceptable" Racism at Boston University: "This is part and parcel of the university culture that not only divides whites from non-whites, but demonizes the former while glamorizing the latter. That is racism. Is it any wonder that race relations are going in reverse in the US?

It is time to stand up against this kind of rhetoric. The fact of the matter is that today white people are not the enemy of black people or any other non-white people. The crap that Ms Grundy is spewing out is just that-crap.

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I'm More Hateful Than Pamela Geller

I'm More Hateful Than Pamela Geller | National Review Online: " I’m far more hateful than Pamela Geller. In fact, I’d argue there’s no way that she could hate jihad more than I do. I’ve seen jihad up-close, in an Iraqi province where jihadists raped women to shame them into becoming suicide bombers, where they put bombs in little boys’ backpacks then remotely detonated them at family gatherings, where they beheaded innocent civilians while cheering wildly like they were at a soccer match, and where they shot babies in the face to “send a message” to their parents. I’ve seen the despair in the eyes of the innocent victims of jihad, and — believe me — that despair is infinitely greater than the alleged “anguish” caused by a few cartoons. "

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The Four Horsemen of the Education Apocalypse

Commonsense & Wonder: The Four Horsemen of the Education Apocalypse: "America watches in horror as ravaging mobs of young, mostly black, people tear through American towns burning cars and
businesses, looting and vandalizing, screaming obscenities and mindless chants. Our president blames slavery -- gone now for over 150 years, blacks blame the cops, journalists blame poverty, but so far no one has blamed the educational system.
If you spend between 12 and 16 years telling kids:
that they are victims of gross unfairness,
that they have no hope unless somebody else fixes things for them, that the system is rigged against them,
then you shouldn’t be astounded when they blow up. This is a fuse that’s been burning for a long time and for the last few decades the left has been vigorously fanning that flame, so KABOOM!
Just as the blacks have been fed a diet of self-defeating victimization, so the white youth of this country have been served up a dozen years of unrelenting guilt that has withered their souls. We fuss about the Michelle lunches, but let’s look at what they’re being served in the classroom. It’s no more appetizing and nutritious than the limp, beige fare in the cafeteria. Much of what’s gone wrong in American education can be organized into 4 main categories, 4 horsemen that have caused this social apocalypse.


Political Correctness


Self Esteem

Read the whole thing.  All Liberal lies.

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The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech: Kirsten Powers

The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech: Kirsten Powers: 9781621573708: Books:

Lifelong liberal Kirsten Powers blasts the Left's forced march towards conformity in an exposé of the illiberal war on free speech. No longer champions of tolerance and free speech, the "illiberal Left" now viciously attacks and silences anyone with alternative points of view.  Powers asks, "What ever happened to free speech in America?"

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The United States Of America Is Being Hijacked And Invaded By Communist Agents And Violent Mob Rule

The United States Of America Is Being Hijacked And Invaded By Communist Agents And Violent Mob Rule - Freedom Outpost: "It is blatantly obvious America has been hijacked by communist agitators trying to hide as liberal democrats and using the mob and black poverty which has created by decades of lousy policies of political corruption and wasted opportunities. When failure is apparent they blame Republicans or Conservatives. The sad situation is that there are still too many Americans that are not knowledgeable or engaged enough to understand what is happening.


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The Real Difference Between the Koch and Clinton Foundations

The Real Difference Between the Koch and Clinton Foundations | The Federalist Papers: "The “Evil” Koch Brothers give roughly the same amount of money to charity as the “Benevolent” Clinton Foundation, but the key difference is that the managerial overhead of the Clintons’ pet project is more than 150 times greater than the Kochs’.


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Friday, May 8, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

QUESTION: Why Do We Allow Terrorist CAIR to Operate in the US?

QUESTION: Why Do We Allow Terrorist CAIR to Operate in the US? | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily

n November 2014 CAIR was designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates along with a host of other Muslim Brotherhood entities. One 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memorandum, which was entered as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial, describes the Brotherhood’s role as engaging in a “Civilization-Jihadist Process.” It states: The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging’” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

Late Term Abortion Defenders Are the Real Science Deniers

Late Term Abortion Defenders Are the Real Science Deniers | Commentary Magazine

For contemporary liberals there is no worse offense that to be “against science,” a term that is loosely thrown about to silence skepticism about environmental extremism. But a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine illustrates that those decrying the effort to oppose late term abortions as a right-wing “war on women” are not only on questionable moral ground but also disregarding scientific facts about premature babies. According to the Journal, it is now clear that babies born at 22 or 23 weeks into pregnancy have a decent chance to survive if given treatment. Those born at 23 weeks are even more likely to live with half doing so without significant problems.

George Will: Bill Clinton is Intellectually Sociopathic' He is completely cut off from reality

PC Free Zone

George Will: 'It's Not News When President Clinton Says Something Intellectually Sociopathic' Yesterday Bill Clinton on CNN: 'We are the most transparent of all the presidential foundations' George Will: Bill Clinton is completely cutoff from reality.

Megyn Kelly: If ‘drawing Muhammad’ at a private function is too provocative, the terrorists are Winning!!!!

PC Free Zone

Megyn Kelly has been pretty fired up this week about the Texas shooting outside a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest. She clashed with Bill O’Reilly and has stood pretty firm on the free speech issue. And Kelly opened her show last night by scolding the “rush to condemn the event organizers” with “nary a mention of the radical Islamists who sought to murder them over a cartoon.” She reiterated that free speech is protected, “no matter how abhorrent,” and you don’t have to endorse it to defend it. And with all the focus on scolding Pamela Geller‘s group, Kelly said, “if this is where American sentiment stands on this, then the jihadis are officially winning.” Kelly even accused the media of drawing a “moral equivalence” between people who do offensive things and people who kill over those offensive things. She brought on Eugene Volokh to continue emphasizing the point, going after the media and CNN’s Chris Cuomo in particular.

Turns Out "Climate Change" May Actually Be a Good Thing

Turns Out "Climate Change" May Actually Be a Good Thing | The Federalist Papers

After all the left-wing alarmists have been running around proclaiming gloom and doom for the planet if we don’t change our industrialized society and return to a primitive “natural” state, now comes a new claim that mankind is not the problem, but actually is helping nature. 

Freeman Dyson, an award-winning British scientist and retired professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study, said that the science on climate change isn’t “at all clear,” and in fact, humans are actually helping the planet.

“I would like to emphasize is that human actions have very large effects on the ecology, which have nothing to do with climate,” Dyson, 91, told National Public Radio on Saturday. “Carbon dioxide is what we’re producing in big quantities and putting into the atmosphere.

“It happens to be a very good fertilizer for all kinds of vegetation, good for wildlife, good for agricultural production,” Dyson said. “So it has many benefits.”

Scott Simon, host of NPR’s “Weekend Edition Saturday,” interviewed Dyson on the occasion of the release of his latest collection of essays entitled “Dreams of Earth and Sky.”

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization

Had Enough Therapy?: Thomas Sowell Explains

Sowell explains it well: You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility, and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large. Non-judgmental subsidies of counterproductive lifestyles are treating people as if they were livestock, to be fed and tended by others in a welfare state — and yet expecting them to develop as human beings have developed when facing the challenges of life themselves. Statistics show that black married couples do not, as a rule, live in poverty. Much of the problem comes from homes that are led by a single mothers. One suspects that the media cannot bring itself to identify the problem as the lack of fathers. Don’t its leaders believe that mothers and fathers are interchangeable, that they are all just social constructs? In Sowell’s words: One key fact that keeps getting ignored is that the poverty rate among black married couples has been in single digits every year since 1994. Behavior matters and facts matter, more than the prevailing social visions or political empires built on those visions.

To break the cycle of poverty in Baltimore, fix the culture of poverty

To break the cycle of poverty in Baltimore, fix the culture of poverty | John Hawkins' Right Wing News

In other words, neighborhoods matter because culture matters. Middle-class families have always known this, which is why so many parents move to the suburbs in pursuit of safer streets, better schools and shared values. Maybe parents matter less than peers. But parents have an enormous role in deciding what kind of peers their kids will be exposed to.

The Left's Rejection of Good Faith

Articles: The Left's Rejection of Good Faith

So the left’s enemies cannot possibly ever operate in good faith, while the left’s heroic leaders don’t require good faith, because they operate within their own version of quasi-metaphysical righteousness. The dictatorship of the proletariat rightfully operates beyond the traditional limits of morality and ethics -- freezing cold winters are proof of global warming, and any malfeasance by a Clinton evidence of the evil machinations of their opponents. 

Dear Baltimore family and friends: y'all bein' played!

Dear Baltimore family and friends: y'all bein' played!

Despite Democrat control for 50 years and government programs out the ying yang, Baltimore blacks are suffering more than ever; high school dropouts, no jobs, still murdering each other, high out-of-wedlock births, poverty, high incarcerations and fatherless households. Even after spending trillions of taxpayer dollars fighting poverty since 1965, Democrats tell the poor and blacks they're gettin' screwed by rich white folks. They're playin' y'all. Obama's response to the Baltimore riots is typically liberal Democrat; more government programs and blaming Republicans. Some of you will view Obama as your homey no matter what. It's a black thing. I get it. But, Obama does not feel the same about you. If he did, Obama would not be flooding the country with uneducated poor illegals who suck up your welfare and your jobs. He only cares about creating new Democrat voters. He's playin' y'all.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why the Left Won't Call Rioters 'Thugs'

Why the Left Won't Call Rioters 'Thugs' - The Dennis Prager Show The Dennis Prager Show

Why is it impossible for the left to blame black rioters for their looting, burning and destruction — the latter including an old-age home in the case of the Baltimore rioters? One reason is that the left does not divide the world between traditional notions of good and evil. Rather, it divides the world between white and black, rich and poor, and powerful and weak. One therefore sides with the non-white, the poor and the weak. A second reason is that the left rarely fights evil (it fights those who fight evil). It fights such things as inequality, fossil fuels and an alleged “rape culture” on American campuses. But it doesn’t fight real evil (like rioters). A third reason is that the day even a third of America’s blacks come to believe that their problems are largely a product of poor cultural values, they will have become conservative and the left will have begun to lose its most important demographic group.

The True Story—and Tragedy—of Race in America

The True Story—and Tragedy—of Race in America - Crisis Magazine

If their leaders really cared about the Black community they would stop using “racism” to excuse everything and sincerely dedicate themselves to what its people desperately needs (and what has been emphasized by thoughtful “conservative” commentators from within it and its soundest religious leaders): spiritual and moral renewal.

Obama replacing American work ethic with third-world dependency culture

Obama replacing American work ethic with third-world dependency culture

The United States of America was built on a culture of strong work ethic, of enterprise and innovation. From colonial times onward, men have come to America ready to earn their fortunes, tending the land, building businesses, and settling dangerous and unexplored frontiers. As industry developed, technological innovation flourished and from cars to computers American entrepreneurs have paved the way for the advancement of the world. Now however, and in recent years, something fundamental to American success in previous generations seems to be in decline. That is the basic desire of many Americans to work hard to achieve success, or to work at all. Government policies play a major role in this problem, and the continued excellence of the United States can only be ensured if this problem is reversed.

It Isn’t ‘Islamophobia’ to Tell the Truth about Shariah

Center for Security Policy | It Isn’t ‘Islamophobia’ to Tell the Truth about Shariah

It is not racism or bigotry, let alone an unfounded fear of Islam, that prompts courageous freedom fighters like Pamela Geller and Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders to defend our civilization against those determined to destroy it. They are willing to challenge a threat to freedom of speech that not just Islamists but others, including Hillary Clinton, insist must be accommodated.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Moynihan Report after 50 years

Moynihan Report after 50 years

What Moynihan discovered has still not been acknowledged by the very people most adversely affected by the problem: Rates of black male unemployment and welfare enrollment – instead of running parallel as they always had – started to diverge in 1962 in a way that would come to be called “Moynihan’s scissors.” In 1965 Moynihan foresaw the coming destruction of the black family because the black out-of-wedlock birth rate was 25 percent. Americans were shocked by that statistic 50 years ago. But today the number is over 72 percent among blacks, more than 53 percent among Hispanics and more than 29 percent among whites. By contrast, in 1965, out-of-wedlock births among white Americans was at 3.1 percent. Not only has the black family been destroyed, as Moynihan predicted, so has the whole of the American family.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sessions Warns Against Obama’s Trade Deal

Sessions Warns Against Obama’s Trade Deal | The Lonely Conservative

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions is warning that President Obama’s trade deal is a really bad deal. I don’t know why so many Republicans are on board with this.

Why are the Mullahs laughing?

Center for Security Policy | Why are the Mullahs laughing?

They are laughing because they know this deal gives them everything they want.

Ignorance of Islam is the Major Problem

Ignorance of Islam is the Major Problem - Radio - News - Arutz Sheva

On today's show, Jay says that the inability of governments and media in the West to understand Islam is based on both ignorance and the cult of multiculturalism. In his opinion, this is a fatal flaw in the ability to confront today's reality and may result in Israel's "going it alone" to resolve the problem of a possible nuclear-armed Iran.

It's Not the Police Who Have Failed Baltimore

FOUSESQUAWK: It's Not the Police Who Have Failed Baltimore

Whatever the facts of Freddie Gray's death, a few things are becoming clearer by the day. Baltimore's biggest problem is not the police. It is their political leadership.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Gay Rights: An Oligarchy Of 1%

Faith and Freedom Network Blog: Gay Rights: An Oligarchy Of 1%

Oligarchy is a form of government where most political power rests with a small segment of society. Generally that segment is defined by its wealth or its military strength. Or both. According to a Gallup survey out this week, less than 1%---.8% of Americans are part of a same-sex couple. The same survey finds only that only .3% of US adults are "married" to a same-sex spouse and a mere .5% identify as being in a same-sex domestic partnership. Yet this less than 1% is driving the national debate and narrative, demanding our courts redefine marriage, education revise curriculum, business restructure business models, the names on public restrooms be changed to accommodate gender confusion, and certain Scripture and biblical teaching be updated or deleted to accommodate and celebrate their sexual behavior.

Iran still cheating, Obama still ignoring

Center for Security Policy | Iran still cheating, Obama still ignoring

Iran is cheating on restrictions about it’s nuclear program, and this is actually news to some people. (Reuters) – Britain has informed a United Nations sanctions panel of an active Iranian nuclear procurement network linked to two blacklisted firms, according to a confidential report by the panel seen by Reuters. This is not news to the Obama administration and that is the real problem. They know it and don’t care. They have piles and piles of evidence that Iran is actively evading the agreements it has made about producing a nuclear weapon. And yet… The United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency have repeatedly said that Tehran has so far complied with the terms of a limited agreement struck in November 2013 All the while knowing that Iran was breaking the rules and obviously still building their bomb. It’s almost as if President Obama and his allies will say anything to keep this abominable deal on track. They don’t care if Iran will comply, they are simply going to shove this deal through and try to give Obama a nuclear arms control legacy. It is painfully ironic and truly dangerous that their naive and misguided attempts to make a nuclear arms deal are actually paving the path to to an Iranian nuclear weapon. Even worse, this may spur more proliferation when the Saudis and others decide they need nukes to counter the Iranian threat. The President has shown he is willing to ignore this danger. That means we need the US Congress to do its Constitutional duty as a check and balance and stop this national security nightmare.

Hillary Clinton’s Crimes are Worse than Bob Menendez’s, but He’s the Only One Facing Prison Time

Hillary Clinton’s Crimes are Worse than Bob Menendez’s, but He’s the Only One Facing Prison Time - Freedom Outpost

Kudos to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough for being willing to talk about the many crimes and scandals of Hillary Clinton, even on a network as liberal as MSNBC. He did so again on Wednesday when he threw a little bit of a hissy fit over what he perceives as a tremendous double standard among Democrat pundits.

ABSENTEE FATHERS: Here’s How Liberals Brought On The Living Hell in Baltimore

ABSENTEE FATHERS: Here's How Liberals Brought On The Living Hell in Baltimore | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily

Where are the fathers? This is the uncomfortable questions liberals refuse to ask. Sure, the government can manage this chaos to some degree through force and coercion, but fathers can influence order and discipline through love and devotion. How much of the violence and rebellion in Baltimore is simply a consequence of the destruction of families? How much has the moral decay of society contributed to the acceptance and tolerance of men who feel no responsibility for children they’ve created? How much of a child’s rage and anger comes from feeling abandoned or unwanted by their fathers?