Thursday, November 13, 2014

Reform worthy of our vets

Reform worthy of our vets:

“What veterans need is a real choice, not one dictated by the VA.

The fact is that most veterans can and should be fully integrated into mainstream health care. The private health sector can deal with most of the health needs of former soldiers since their ailments are shared by millions of other aging Americans. The VA should focus its resources on specialized services, including treatment for combat trauma and rehabilitation that is unique to veterans.”
As America celebrates Veterans Day this week, former CBO health official and AEI Wilson H. Taylor Scholar Joe Antos suggests a different approach to providing health care for our nation’s heroes. In streamlining veterans hospitals to provide treatment for war-related injuries, and then assisting vets in assimilating to the private health sector, the United States can give troops the health care they need and deserve after coming home.

Read his full piece, “Let’s Honor Veterans With Better Access to Healthcare.”

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