Friday, November 14, 2014

Obama flushes $3 billion of our tax dollars into a Third World climate change slush fund

Obama flushes $3 billion of our tax dollars into a Third World climate change slush fund: Climate change, it's not about saving the planet. It's about
wealth transfer.

Barack Obama will announce a three billion dollar taxpayer funded US
contribution to the world climate change fund.

The pledge is directed to the Green Climate Fund, a financial institution
created last year by the United Nations with headquarters in Seoul, South
Korea. It comes ahead of a Nov. 20 climate meeting in Berlin, at which
countries have been asked to make formal commitments to the fund.

In particular, the world's least developed economies insist that the world's
richest economies — which are also the largest greenhouse gas polluters
— must commit to paying billions of dollars to help the world's poorest
adapt to the ravages of climate change.
By "adapt" they mean, of course, line their pockets with our money.

In Obama's lefty worldview, it's like reparations for colonialism, only better.

And $3 billion is merely the down payment.

At a 2009 climate change summit in Copenhagen, then-Secretary of State Hillary
Rodham Clinton pledged that by 2020 the United States would help mobilize $100
billion, through a combination of public aid and private investments, to flow
annually from rich countries to poor countries to help the poor economies deal
with climate change.

$100 billion dollars of our money. Annually. Flowing into the pockets
of Third World shithole dictators everwhere! It'll certainly change their, uh,
"climate." For the better, I'm sure.

But I guarantee it won't do Thing One to change the weather.

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