Saturday, November 15, 2014


LIBERAL HYPOCRISY ON LIBYA AND BUSH: I was chatting with a liberal the other day.

He defended Carter's handling of Iran, and Obama's handling of Mubarak and Obama's toppling of Kaddafy.

All of which led to great chaos and a GREAT surge of islamo-fascism and decreased US security.

He attacked the USA's toppling of Mosaddegh in Iran - which led to greater freedom for Iranians and better US security.

And though he was critical of Bush's wars as if they were personal vendettas of the Bush Clan - (despite the fact that both had explicit and bipartisan Congressional support), he couldn't have cared less that Obama never got ANY approval for Libya, or for the current war on ISIS.

The hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING.

I think it's the result of pure partisanship: leftists feel that their team is allowed to do anything.

And as long as their team pays lips service to their emotional platform - "SAVE THE PLANET!"  - "FREE HEALTHCARE!" - "END THE WAR ON WOMEN!" - "THEY'LL OVERTURN ROE V. WADE!" - "THEIR RACISTS!" - otherwise intelligent liberals will let them lie and cheat and steal and otherwise operate as if they had no principles, and no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution.

It sickens me.

And it informs me:

I now see why - and how - so many Germans went with the flow in the 1930's and let Herr Hitler rise to power and then commit all those horrors....