Friday, November 7, 2014

Fox’s Keith Ablow Defends Psychoanalyzing Obama as a ‘Narcissist’

Fox’s Keith Ablow Defends Psychoanalyzing Obama as a ‘Narcissist’:

Dr. Keith Ablow, a regular on Fox News (who very recently called for an “American jihad”), today defended himself against criticisms from people who think his psychoanalysis of President Obama as narcissist is about Ablow’s own sense of narcissistic self-promotion instead of sound science.

A report yesterday about Ablow’s frequent diagnoses of the president got comment from Jay Carney, who had to have been laughing hysterically right before he said that no, no one in the White house really cares about what Ablow has to say. The report also quotes Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, who said rather bluntly that Ablow is “a narcissistic self-promoter of limited and dubious expertise.”

Now, Ablow hasn’t just called Obama a narcissist. He’s also said that Obama wants stricter gun control because of his personal abandonment issues and that the president is punishing the country because his grandmother “didn’t trust people of color.” Even some of Ablow’s own colleagues have publicly pushed back against his shtick.

Today Ablow responded to his critics in a statement insisting his diagnoses of President Obama are completely accurate and based in fact*:

President Obama provided the data for my commentary through his statements and actions.

As a medical professional it is readily apparent that a President who tours the world apologizing for America, who was part of a church in which the pastor preached “God damn America!” and who admonished American entrepreneurs that they did not build their own businesses is a President who has issues with the nation of which he is President. The use of selected and edited comments of mine to attempt to “shoot the messenger” is an unfair attempt to impair my credibility.
(*The use of the word “fact” here is synonymous with “standard political commentary hiding behind the weight of a medical prefix.”)

Oh, and then there’s this: Literally one paragraph after defending his psychoanalysis of the president––a man he has never spoken to about this directly, mind you––Ablow lashes out at Lieberman for condemning him as narcissistic, “yet he has never interviewed me.” And to Ablow, apparently that calls his diagnosis into question.

Can we diagnose that as cognitive dissonance or would we need to talk to Ablow first to confirm it?

(Though it is worth noting that Ablow copped to being a narcissist earlier this year.)

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