Monday, November 10, 2014

Barack Obama’s Personality Disorder

Barack Obama’s Personality Disorder:

Neo-Neocon (h/t American Digest):

You see, Obama doesn’t want to self-correct, because in his mind he’s not done a thing wrong. He’s not just saying it’s not his fault, he really believes it’s not his fault.

In fact, nothing bad is his fault. And everything good is to his credit.

We all are familiar with the word “narcissism.” It is a trait. But it also can be much more than that—a character disorder, a personality disorder. That doesn’t just mean there’s something wrong with a person’s character or personality, either. It means there is something more basic that’s out of whack. It means there’s a leitmotif that runs through the entire personality, something that is usually either unchangeable or very very difficult to change.

For Obama this theme is narcissism, which appears to permeate everything he does.

The mystery is that it would be a mystery to anyone at this point. And yet it appears to be. Hope dies hard, and the idea that Obama can change dies hard as well.

[NOTE: The narcissism problem was so severe with Obama that many people noticed it almost from the start. I was one of them; this post of mine, written in the summer of 2008, was already remarking on it. But I was hardly alone.]
No you’re right, you weren’t alone, I was in there too.

I think President-Elect Barack Obama might have OCPD. He’s fulfilled my one-bullet litmus test, anyhow: People come to him with complaints, and he responds by telling ‘em what to do. If he doesn’t have OCPD, he sure is a bossy little snot.
Not as good as the line about “nothing bad is His fault, everything good is to His credit.” That one’s got me thinking, He’s been in the public eye on the national stage for about eight years now. Are there any exceptions to either one of these? I can’t think of any.