Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why do so many liberals despise Christianity?

This is why I consider myself a Classic Liberal.  In the tradition of the founders. Orwell predicted the Progressives would co-opt the meaning of words.  This is the greatest misuse of the original meaning.  Today's Liberals are anything but.

Why do so many liberals despise Christianity? - The Week: "In the end, what we're seeing is an effort to greatly expand the list of beliefs, traditions, and ways of life that fundamentally clash with liberalism. That is an effort that no genuine liberal should want to succeed.

What happened to a liberalism of skepticism, modesty, humility, and openness to conflicting notions of the highest good? What happened to a liberalism of pluralism that recognizes that when people are allowed to search for truth in freedom, they are liable to seek and find it in a multitude of values, beliefs, and traditions? What happened to a liberalism that sees this diversity as one of the finest flowers of a free society rather than a threat to the liberal democratic order?

I don't have answers to these questions — and frankly, not a lot hinges on figuring out how we got here. What matters is that we acknowledge that something in the liberal mind has changed, and that we act to recover what has been lost.


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