Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The President’s Emotional State Bears Watching

The President’s Emotional State Bears Watching: Commentary Magazine, by Peter Wehner Posted By: StormCnter- Wed, 08 16 2014 08:16:20 GMT One of the more interesting political/psychological pastimes these days is to watch how President Obama deals with his crumbling presidency. The answer is: Not well. Take (via The Daily Caller) his comments last night in which Mr. Obama blamed the press for his travails: “Frankly, the press and Washington, all it does is feed cynicism,” he insisted, despite getting six years of favorable coverage from establishment newspapers and TV shows. (Snip) Pobrecito, as the Spanish say. Poor thing. What is worth paying increasing attention to, I think, is the emotional state of the president. It’s in front of his donors that his