Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Libertarians Should Vote Republican for Limited Government

Libertarians Should Vote Republican for Limited Government:

This article is part of a series on the libertarian vote in
the 2014 midterm election. Read the alternative perspectives from
other parties

It is apparent now more than ever that our government has grown
out of control—and under Democratic leadership, it will only
continue to infringe upon our civil liberties. Currently, this
Democratic leadership is telling you how to run your businesses,
telling you which doctor to see, telling you what you can and
cannot eat, and monitoring your phone calls and data without a

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights to protect us, and
our current Democratic leadership is trampling all over these
protections. President Obama and the Democrats who support him
think that violating American citizen's right to privacy is
essential for national security and that proves just how
out-of-touch and out of control our government has

Under Democratic leadership, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
has targeted political dissidents, the Department of Justice has
seized reporters' phone records, and the NSA has seized an
unlimited amount of cell phone data. This is an all-out assault on
the Constitution.

In his farewell speech in 1989, Ronald Reagan said: "As
government expands, liberty contracts."

He was right. Government cannot give us our liberty, and as
government grows, liberty becomes marginalized. The collective
takes precedent over the individual— and freedom shrinks.

Our government today is larger than it has ever been in the
history of our country.

Our Founder's would be ashamed at what our government has
become. Micromanaging the daily lives of citizens is not the duty
of government. But the GOP is taking a stand—we are saying enough
is enough.

It is the Republican party that is trying to limit government
power and this is an ideal that all libertarians firmly believe in
and support. If we want to protect our civil liberties, we must
come together. And it's no secret that the Republican party
desperately need libertarian support.

For too long, our party's platform has solely focused on
national security and tax reform. And while those are important
issues, it's not enough. Our party needs a facelift.  We
need a different kind of GOP that will speak to these infringements
to personal liberty.

The GOP does not want to tell you how to live. In fact, we want
to get out of your lives. We will not choose your doctor for you.
We will not trespass on your first amendment right and dictate how
to run your business. We also will not outlaw doughnuts or Big

We will stay out of your bedroom, your doctor's office, your
classroom, your business, your pantry, and your cell phone.

There are millions of Americans, young and old, native and
immigrant, black, white and brown, who simply seek to live
free—free to practice their religion, free to choose where they
send their kids to school, free to choose their own healthcare,
free to keep the fruit of their own labor, free to live without
government constantly being on their back.

I believe a Republican Party that is more tolerant and dedicated
to keeping the government out of people's personal business would
be more appealing to the rising generation and libertarians

The Constitution must be our guide. For conservatives to win
nationally, we must stand for something. We must stand on
principle. We must stand for something so powerful and so popular
that it brings together people from the left and the right and the

The GOP will revive Reagan's law: For liberty to expand,
government must now contract. For the economy to grow, government
must get out of the way.

Young Americans—conservative, libertarian, independent—are as
fed up with big government as their parents and grandparents. We
are the party that is willing to address their unique concerns and
in doing so, we will build a new majority that might finally turn
this country around.

The Republican Party is not perfect and there is some dissent
within the ranks, but I need libertarian minded Republicans and
libertarian independents to vote, get involved and run for office.
The heart of the Republican Party embraces freedom and we need to
vote and then massage the party to get the party to fight harder to
implement a positive vision of economic freedom, low taxation and
individual liberty.