Saturday, October 11, 2014

Let’s Steal Our Rights BACK From the Government

Let’s Steal Our Rights BACK From the Government:

Rant courtesy of TSUNAMI at this post.


I think it’s pretty clear that the American people MUST steal their rights BACK from the government.

The task resides with us as individuals. We can start by quietly subverting and circumventing the laws and regulations by becoming more efficient at flying under the radar.

The NDAA gives us an instruction manual on how to accomplish this task; all we need to do is read it and apply it in reverse. Read the damn thing. Here are some characteristics of a “domestic terrorist” – embrace them:

If I’m going to be labelled as a domestic terrorist because I have more than 7 days worth of food then I’ll store a years worth.

If they consider me a domestic terrorist for making my own weapons, then I’ll make 5 weapons – and I’ll sell them when I want, to whomever I want.

If they consider me a domestic terrorist because I reload my own ammunition, or have more than 500 rounds for each weapon, then accrue 3 times that much. Buy it one box at a time every time you go to Walmart to buy groceries. That might be 52 boxes per week, which amounts to over 1,000 rounds per year. Here’s a great link for finding whatever ammo is needed:

Read to your children. More importantly, read the Bible to your children – even if you don’t read it from start to finish. My mother used to read to me when I was young, and I still remember the impression the Bible made on me. Focus AT MINIMUM on the Ten Commandments, and work from there.

Learn the Bill Of Rights, and make your children learn it.

Expose your children to the TRUTH of Islam, and that it is NOT a religion of peace. It’s not even a religion, really. The Koran is NOT HOLY.

If the local laws prohibit a backyard garden, then plant a backyard garden. Trade or sell the food to your neighbors. Do it on the down-low.

If the state says you can’t have a well to reach underground water – drill a damn well and disguise it from prying eyes.

Talk to your neighbors to build a rapport. Make people aware of world politics – even if they wince when it’s mentioned.

Work under the table whenever possible. $20 here, and $20 there adds up, and it turns a slacking TV watching, iPhone fingering kid into a responsible money maker. Capitalism is the enemy of Communism and slavery because it’s stronger in the long run through building a foundation of personal character. You have to expose the children to it. Once exposed, they become immune and aware to the bullshit statism that is taught in the schools.

Make an effort to attend your child’s parent / teacher conferences. I’m merely an uncle and I manage to go with my sister and her son when I can. If you think I’m an asshole here on the board at time, you should ask the teachers at my nephew’s school what they think of me. I speak my mind – PC be damned. During the last meeting, I saw an Obama poster on the library wall. I looked at the teacher and asked her why the school allowed Communist propaganda to be displayed in a place of learning. She just gave me a dirty look. The principal was no better. The principal at this school is nothing more than a “glad-hander”. He’s nothing but a smiling piece of shit in my opinion.

Quit letting the government babysit all of us because what they are creating is a playpen in which the “bars” are within our minds. They make us all afraid to move in any direction – this leaves them in control.

Do a little at a time, but at least do SOMETHING CONTINUALLY.



Being “free” isn’t a damn destination; it’s a lifetime journey.