Friday, October 10, 2014

IPCC Has Become “Too Blinkered and Corrupt to Save”

IPCC Has Become “Too Blinkered and Corrupt to Save”:


  • its called weatherDr. Vincent Gray, serving in his role as “climate-change activist”, has some revelations for those of us less familiar with the IPCC, or United Nations – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Dr. Gray is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, with a PhD in physical chemistry.  He has published more than a hundred scientific papers and authored the book “The Greenhouse Delusion: A Critique of ‘Climate Change 2001?”.

    The IPCC is a UN body that is charged with combating “global warming” by advocating the reduction of carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gasses”.  Comprising the Panel is a mix of politicians and scientists, which publish reports on a semi-regular basis about the state of our global climate.  Dr. Gray has served as an expert reviewer on the Panel since the early 1990s.

    In 1992, the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) definition of “climate change” was stated as being “Changes in climate caused by human interference with atmospheric composition.”  In other words, only humans could be responsible for climate-change, by their narrow-minded definition.  Dr. Gray states that “The whole process is a swindle”, in large part because the IPCC has “a blinkered mandate that excludes natural causes of global warming.”

    As an expert reviewer with the IPCC, Dr. Gray knows the review process as well as anyone.  He states that he has become increasingly troubled by what he considers to be an appalling absence of real scientific rigor in the review process put into practice by the Panel.

    Dr. Gray states that “Right from the beginning, I have had difficulty with this procedure.  Penetrating questions often ended without an answer.  Comments on the IPCC drafts were rejected without explanation, and attempts to pursue the matter were frustrated indefinitely.”   He also stated that “Over the years, as I have learned more about the data and procedures used by the IPCC, I have found increasing opposition by them to provide explanations, until I have been forced to the conclusion that for significant parts of the work of the IPCC, the data collection and scientific methods employed are unsound.  Resistance to all efforts to try and discuss or rectify these problems has convinced me that normal scientific procedures are not only rejected by the IPCC, but that this practice is endemic, and was part of the organization from the very beginning.”

    Dr. Gray points to one story in particular as an example of the practices set forth by the IPCC.  “We are told that sea level is rising and will soon swamp all of our coastal cities.  Everybody knows the Pacific island of Tuvalu is sinking.  Al Gore told us that the inhabitants are invading New Zealand because of it.  Around 1990 it became obvious that the local tide-gauge did not agree — there was no evidence of ‘sinking’.  So scientists at Flinders University, Adelaide, were asked to check whether this was accurate.  They set up new, modern, tide-gauges on 12 Pacific islands, including Tuvalu, confident that they would show that all of them are sinking.  Recently, the entire project was abandoned as there was no sign of a change in sea level at any of the 12 islands for the past 16 years.  In 2006, Tuvalu even rose a bit.”

    Other expert reviewers that are on the Panel, and scientists elsewhere around the world, share Dr. Gray’s alarm at the conduct of the IPCC.  An effort is now underway to reform the Panel and Organization as a whole, in order to have it follow real scientific methods of fact-finding and publication.  Speaking about this effort to reform the IPCC, Dr. Gray stated “The IPCC is fundamentally corrupt.  The only ‘reform’ I could envisage would be its abolition”.

    I personally must agree with Dr. Gray.  The IPCC was never charged with fact-finding to begin with, unless those facts fit the initial agenda, of Anthropogenic causes of climate change.  If they do find facts to the contrary, those facts are hidden or never published, in favor of the political agenda.  No studies have ever been funded by the IPCC to determine any natural causes of climate change, including changes in solar output, which is the primary driver of our climate on Earth.  It is clear that the IPCC must be ended, as it has served to undermine the efforts of real science, trying to find real answers with regards to our ever-changing climate.

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