Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Cover-Up

Another Cover-Up: Move over, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, and Benghazi. It appears we have yet another White House cover-up on our hands. Remember when those Secret Service agents doing advance work for President Obama's visit to Cartagena, Colombia in 2012 got nailed bringing hookers to their hotel rooms?


You might also recall that some agents lost their jobs over that indiscretion. But now it seems that a White House aide was also guilty of the same indiscretion. In this case, however, the White House is once again circling the wagons to protect one of their own.

OK, here is the deal: This is not the first time that government employees traveling overseas on official business have gone out and had sex with foreign women, pros or otherwise. Setting aside questions of morality, the Cartagena scandal has a different aspect. In this case, said employees were doing advance work and having fun and games in the same hotel that the President was about to visit. Conceivably, they were compromising the security of the President by their actions. It is a scandal, and  there is no room for a double standard. What's good for Secret Service agents is good for the White House aide.

What's more, we once again have outraged government employees who did the investigation who are alleging that the DHS Inspector General ordered them to delay and alter their reports so as not to embarrass the White House with an election looming. In fact, the aide in question, Jonathan Dach, is now working with the State Department on the Office of Global Women's Issues! Meanwhile, three investigators who objected to the cover-up have reportedly been put on administrative leave.

That is serious business.