Tuesday, May 7, 2013

America’s 40-year “war on drugs” has been a colossal failure

America’s 40-year “war on drugs” has been a colossal failure:
From the blog of Nobel economist Gary Becker:
The 40 year-old American “war on drugs” has been a colossal failure. No progress in dealing with drugs can be expected until that basic truth is recognized. Every conceivable approach has been tried to help the war succeed, such as long prison terms for persons convicted of selling or using drugs, trying to prevent drugs from entering the US from Mexico and other countries, and confiscating huge quantities of drugs. At some point all wars that fail are terminated, and alternative approaches explored.
The retreat from the war on drugs has already begun. The question is whether it will be a sensible retreat with systematic changes in the law toward decriminalization and legalization of drugs, or a disorganized retreat that leaves users and sellers of drugs with unclear legal status.
HT: Don Boudreaux