Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How can people believe in a system that is anti-existence?

How can people believe in a system that is anti-existence?: Earl writes:

You're great at explaining liberalism as a (dare I say coherent) system. But systems of any kind throughout nature are usually developed to cope with reality and rational forces. They observe the laws of nature very strictly, or give rise to laws themselves. Systems are usually rational. How then does liberalism make sense? Liberalism is suicidal, self-loathing, reality-denying, irrational chaos. It is an attack on the existence of existence.
It seems only white people enthusiastically support the self-annihilatory aspect of liberalism. Why? Have whites developed some genetic mutation that will cause them to self-destruct?
LA replies:
Earl is absolutely right that liberalism is an attack on the existence of existence. I can't reply right now, but his question is so powerful and to the point that wanted to post it now. We'll get back to it later.

LA continues:
However, here's quick answer to Earl's question that just came to me. I've often said that liberalism consists of blocking out vast sectors of reality--race and sex differences, black violence, the tyrannical agenda of Islam, the objective moral good, the conditions for the creation of wealth, and on and on. Well, since liberalism at its core consists of blocking out reality, it is no surprise that liberals also block out the fact that by blocking out reality, they are assuring the destruction of their own civilization.