Saturday, February 28, 2009

On Tolerance

Five Feet of Fury #tcot
...tolerance is not a Christian virtue. Charity, justice, mercy, prudence, honesty -- these are Christian virtues. And obviously, in a diverse community, tolerance is an important working principle. But it's never an end itself. In fact, tolerating grave evil within a society is itself a form of serious evil. Likewise, democratic pluralism does not mean that Catholics should be quiet in public about serious moral issues because of some misguided sense of good manners. A healthy democracy requires vigorous moral debate to survive. Real pluralism demands that people of strong beliefs will advance their convictions in the public square -- peacefully, legally and respectfully, but energetically and without embarrassment. Anything less is bad citizenship and a form of theft from the public conversation.


I like clarity, and there's a reason why. I think modern life, including life in the Church, suffers from a phony unwillingness to offend that poses as prudence and good manners, but too often turns out to be cowardice. Human beings owe each other respect and appropriate courtesy. But we also owe each other the truth -- which means candor.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stop Fed Withholding for Lent

Daily Pundit #tcot
And, after Lent, just put your withholding back to where it was. We get a stimulus and the Federal Government learns what happens when American’s keep their money for themselves.

Obama Korps for Real?

Commonsense & Wonder #tcot
That is why this thread has been created. For you, the future of our nation, to let us know who your parents are. Tell us the names of those who do not support Obama the way that you do. Let us know if your parents own guns, or wish ill will toward the government. Let us know before it is too late for you and too late for your country.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Did the Democrats Orchestrate this Financial Disaster?

Wizbang #tcot
A skeptic could conclude that this was an orchestrated attempt by powerful Democrats to, down the road, allow both institutions to fail, having them ultimately become the catalyst for our current economic mess, thus ushering in a Democratic majority and paving the way for a timely Democratic presidential win.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Communist Party Supports Obama

Jindal: No One to Blame But Ourselves

Blogs for Victory #tcot
“The country fired us from our congressional majority in 2006. Why? The country didn’t stop being conservative. The Republican Party did,” Jindal told a gathering of Arkansas Republicans. “We became what we came to Washington to change — the party of earmarks and government spending. The party needs to stop worrying about what to do to fix itself. Let’s worry more about fixing our country. Then the party will fix itself.”

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I was just reading about the bailouts at, a group that’s asking Congress to do what’s right.  Did you know that our government has committed $8.5 trillion to prop up failed companies?  It’s crazy. Check out and their bailout calculator.

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Sad Summary of Obama's First Two Weeks

The Spectator #tcot
President Obama has had, by general consent, a torrid First Fortnight. To put it another way, it has taken precisely two weeks for the illusion that brought him to power to be exposed for the nonsense that it so obviously was. The transformational candidate who was going to sweep away pork-barrel politics, lobbyists and corruption has been up to his neck in sleaze, as eviscerated here by Charles Krauthammer. Despite the fact that he came to power promising to ‘ban all earmarks’, his ‘stimulus’ bill represents billions of dollars of special-interest tax breaks, giveaways and protections -- which have nothing to do with kick-starting the economy and everything to do with favouring pet Democrat causes.

Enable Freedom Not Psychopathology

American Power #tcot
The West must return to embracing and standing for the values and freedoms that have lead to their unquestioned economic and societal success and the greatest level of human happiness in the history of the world. We must not compromise those values of reverence for life or liberty; nor must we cooperate with those who would enslave the human mind and limit the pursuit of happiness in this world.

If peace is ever to come to the Middle East, we must treat the real and underlying issue, the hate and bigotry that permeates the region and which distorts and cripples the humans who live there.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Immigration and the GOP Future

The Other McCain #tcot
The study is a detailed analysis of every single Republican seat lost in the 2008 House Race, and shows in virtually every race the Republican supported amnesty or the Democrat supported tough border security.