Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Unlimited PC Support

Coastal Computer Solutions, Inc.

"When In Doubt, Give Us A Shout"

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Technology is a great thing – until it stops working...

What happens if your desktop starts running slow, or your laptop gets hit by a virus or malware? Instead of having to pay every time you need help, a membership to the CCS Tech Support Program is like having unlimited access to your own IT department.

Highlights of the CCS Tech Support Program

Check Mark Unlimited virus removals

Check Mark Unlimited computer tune-ups

Check Mark Connect a device to your existing network

Check Mark New computer setup                     

Check Mark Printer setup and troubleshooting

Check Mark Your membership covers three devices

Check Mark Software troubleshooting

Check Mark E-mail setup and troubleshooting                     

Check Mark Device setup


Here's what you'll get:
CCS Tech Support provides unlimited virus removal, computer tune-ups and other services to keep your PCs or tablets working at peak performance.

How can I receive support?
You can receive support by calling CCS Tech Support Toll Free number 866.324.8692

What costs are associated with CCS Tech Support?
We offer 1 year, 2 year and 3 year plans.
The annual plans cost…
$199.99 (1 year)
$279.99 (2 year)
$349.99 (3 year)
Hardware, software and additional services are not included.

How often can I contact with issues?
As many times as you'd like during the length of your term. We're sitting at our keyboards waiting to hear from you.

How many computers are covered?
As a CCS Tech Support member, you can receive support on up to three PCs/tablets.

Are Servers/Domains covered?
CCS Tech Support Program does not apply to Server/Domain environments.

What types of issues can I receive support on?
CCS Tech Support covers help with spyware and virus removal, software installation, and general computer troubleshooting.

Who is CCS?
We are Coastal Computer Solutions...We provide remote PC/Network support no matter where you live. If we don't fix it, you dont' pay.

There are 12 of us on the CCS team and we can fix almost any PC issue remotely. We are ready to assist you Mon-Sat, 9am-9pm EST.
We have been in business for over 13 years and we still have an A+ rating with the BBB!

Keep this email just in case a computer issue arises. We support home and office computer calls.

Here’s how we work:

  • You have a computer problem/question and call us. We are available Mon-Sat 9am – 9pm EST.
  • We either answer right away or we return your call within 15 minutes.
  • We connect remotely to your PC and fix your problems.
  • We do not charge you until you are happy and the work is complete.

Over 3,600 businesses and people have used us for their computer needs over the last 13 years.

I am originally from a small town in Wisconsin, and I hold those small town values to this day.

Toby Grundtner – President
Microsoft Certified Professional

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Coastal Computer Solutions, Inc.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

David Stockman: "The Jig Is Up: America’s Voters Just Fired Their Ruling Elites" | Zero Hedge

From the article: 
America's voters fired their ruling elites last night. After 30 years of arrogant misrule and wantonly planting the seeds of economic and financial ruin throughout Flyover America, the Wall Street/Washington establishment and its mainstream media tools have been repudiated like never before in modern history.

This is the good news.  Then comes somes seriously bad news.

For months and years to come, the Imperial City will be ungovernable and the nation will be racked with fiscal, financial, political and even constitutional crisis. By kicking the can in a ruinous direction for decades, America implicitly opted eventually for the bleeding cure.
To wit, the giant stock market bubble will now crash. The stock-price obsessed C-suites of corporate America will now panic and begin pitching inventory and workers overboard. We will be in an official recession within 6 months. The Federal budget will plunge back into trillion dollar annual deficits very soon.
Accordingly, Washington will descend into permanent warfare over the debt ceiling and an exploding $20 trillion+ public debt. Any notion of a Trump economic revival program—-even if it could now be confected—will be stillborn in the financial and fiscal chaos ahead.
And most important of all, the almighty Fed will be stranded high and dry—-out of dry powder and under political attack like never before from angry politicians and citizens alike.
The jig is up.


Some have tried, for years, to point out we can't exist indefinitely in a deficit state.  Eventually it will not be able to be sustained.  Stockman says we are there.  Facing the truth is the good news.  The truth is difficult is the bad news.

Artificial Intelligence MogIA Predicts Fourth Election in Row with Trump Win - Breitbart

From the article: 
MogIA, an artificial intelligence system and election predictor, has successfully predicted its fourth election in a row.
The system, which learns in real-time by examining data on the internet, placed its bets on Donald Trump to win the 2016 US Presidential Election in October after also successfully predicting both the Democratic and Republican party primaries.


Don't need "no stinkin polls".  Maybe we don't even need to vote if this AI can already measure our behavior.  That's all that voting is, formally recording our choice as exhibited by our behavior.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Losers go to jail - Marginal REVOLUTION

From the article: 
The results show that US politicians manipulate the justice system to maintain power.


What do you think?  Is the justice system compromised?